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Car Camper.

Intro Comments: This is my first 4x4. I plan to create a capable over landing / expedition vehicle. I have dreams of exploring the SoCal deserts and getting the EFF out of Orange County every once in a while.

For latest mods and trip photos, head to the last post!

This thread has morphed from a build thread to more of a journey of my Xterra thread. It is the repository for mods, repairs and trip photos. Hope you guys enjoy!

Username: SHIFT_X

Make: Nissan
Year: 2012
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Lava Red

Purchased: 2.10.13


Hefty Rear Bumper w/ Jerry cans and a spare tire
Mudflaps delete
D2S HID Projector Headlight Kit
Septer (real deal) jerry cans
Frontrunner roof rack (not cut down yet)
Mt. Shasta Extended Stargazer Pioneer (tree house)
Airflow snorkle

Suspension Front
Radflo extended coilovers 2.5" 650# springs
SPC Titan Upper Arms
Titan lower control arms
Titan length inner and outer tie rods
Steel braided front brake lines
Timbren bumpstops

Suspension Rear
Bilstein 5160 10" piggy back shocks
Alcan leaf pack (1000# over)
PRG Shackles
Timbren bumpstops
PRG Brake block relocation L bracket
Spidertrax 1.5" hub centric wheel spacers (rear)

White Knuckle Sliders
Shrockworks transfercase skid
Shrockworks transmission skid
Hefty Fabworks aluminum engine skid
Hefty Fabworks radiator skid
Pro 4x gas tank skid
Ballistic Fab Diff Cover

Wheels and Tires
BFGoodrich KO2 315/70/R17 All Terrains
KMC XD Grenade 17x9

XTRONS 10.1 Inch Android
Cargo Rack by Toro Fabrication
Weathertech front floor mats
Pro4x seats
Chuck Box by Klewer Woodshop
Dometic CFX65DZ Fridge/Freezer
Indel B TB18

Yaesu FTM-400DR
Diamond nr770hb
Diamond K400s hood mount

Starting Battery - X2Power Group 27F
Service Battery - Odyssey 31M PC2150ST
DC to DC Charger - Ctek D250SA
Starter Battery Monitor - Ctek Battery-Sense
Service Battery Monitor - Ctek Battery-Sense
Rack Mounted Solar (connected to Ctek D250SA DC to DC Charger) - Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel (Compact Design)
Renogy 100w Solar Suitecase w/ charge controller
Onboard Air - Air Zenith OB2 OBA kit

Volant 12740
MagnaFlow 12580 Exhaust Muffler
M226 with elocker from 2010 manual Pro4x with 3.69 gears.
R180 from 2012 manual Pro4x



The day I bought it Stock


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Can anyone guess what I went and picked up today ????

OH YEAH! These things are BEEFY!

Then my buddy and I went in to full on man date mode.
The x in it's natural habitat

Poser shots all over Apple Valley

I can't wait for the SCCX mod day next Saturday!

Also have this to install

PRG advanced kit

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No way! Is that some kind of photo trickery going on right there? :p Did you slide down that slope with the quickness? Cool shot nonetheless!

Yeah my buddy tilted the camera... it was still pretty steep though. At least for me.

congrats to your X bud!! i see that you didn't waist any time on getting mods. The mod bug bit you early hahaha. Enjoy that X!!
Since the day I bought it. LOL. It's all TNXs fault.


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Mod day!

What a truly epic day

I put the call out on SCCX that I had a bunch of parts to install with no location or mechanical ability. RBDuffer stepped up and offered his beautiful home up for a location and the SCCX mechanical calvary showed up to help me with the install.

Here are some photos from our LONG day.

The scene.

Randy doing a little grinding to my coil bucket for the SPC upper arms. We even filed it down and shot it with paint. Randy said he would never do that on his truck, but since mine is so new it just seemed right.

Pre-file and paint + Radflow 2.5s with 650# springs

I came to the mod day with the intention to learn and boy did I. I thought that I would attempt to do things, the guys would get frustrated with my lack of mechanical comprehension and then just say get out the way and do it themselves. On the contrary. Everyone was so paitient with my stupid questions.

So here I am attempting to reinstall my tire.

OH, so that's why it's not threading on

Stupidity like that calls for a cupcake interlude

Thanks Jordan and thanks Jordan's girlfriend.

Time for White Knuckle sliders

Now it's time for some poser shots

Thanks for everything, SCCX. Glad to have met some awesome people so willing to help.


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I was wondering if this was the same Steve_c from str. Confirmed.

You probably already realized this hobby will be more $$$$ than mtb :)

See ya out on the trails, both.
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HA! Glad you found me. MTB and Xterras' go together like tacos and beer

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Let there be LED light!

I was a little buzzed the other night and went Amazoning. (not always the best idea) I remembered seeing this kit in a post somewhere and ordered it:

It arrived and I installed it yesterday. I am super happy with the results. Here is my attempt at taking photos in the dark. I pretty much failed, but you guys get the idea.


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"Full on man date mode" :sign5:

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Its crazy what that lift and new tires did to your X, looking good. That color really pops in person, its almost got a two tone effect depending on the angle/sun.

Ive been looking at those sliders, what did they entail in terms of installing?

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Awesome and funny post! Cool to see people come out of the wood work to help! Great pics.
They're a cooky bunch, but very knowledgable.

That's how we do it in socal
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Thanks for the direction, Jordan


Its crazy what that lift and new tires did to your X, looking good. That color really pops in person, its almost got a two tone effect depending on the angle/sun.

Ive been looking at those sliders, what did they entail in terms of installing?
Thanks, I really like the color.

The sliders are a bit tricky to install. (for me anyways) There are some backing plates for the two bolts on either side towards the rear of the truck the slip into a existing whole in the frame. I have giant fingers so it was hard for me to get them in there. The instructions are actually quite useful with photos and explanations.
As of typing this, I only have the three grade 8 bolts attaching the sliders. The remaining bolts need to have holes drilled and we simply ran out of time.
They look great imo!
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