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Username: scottmen Scott
Year: 2008
Make: Nissan
Model: XTerra
Trim: X
Color: Night Armor

Suspension and Tires:
Calmini 5 inch lift.
ProComp 7089 Wheels
BFG AT 285/70R17 Tires
PRG Spacers
PRG Upper Control Arms

Radflo 2.0s Installed 1/22/11- I know everyone on here knows it but Greg is very helpful and answers all your questions. He really knows his stuff

Installation Video

Calmini skid plate
Shrockworks Transfer Case Skid Plate - Installed 3/9/2013
Shrockworks Gas Tank Skid Plate - Installed 3/9/2013
Shrockworks Sliders - Installed 4/16/11

Hefty Fabworks Front Bumper (installed May 2013)
MAXterra rear bumper
Weathertech vent visors - only fronts, tossed the rears
Ballistics Fab Differential Cover - Took some communication with them to work out the actual bolts. They sent me right length and wrong pitch. Eventually just bought them from McMaster-Carr. I do love the cover though. It's beefy.
Yakima LoadWarrior w/ Extension - added Feb 22, 2011
Yakima BigPowderHound ski racks.
Rigid Industries - Dually Flood LEDs & Dually D2 Spot Lights
Xoskel - Lo Pro Light Bar
ORTATTW light switches.

K & N Intake Kit
MagnaFlow Catback Exhaust - I really like the sound of these and you can find them cheap sometimes. I got mine for around $300.

Pioneer Blue Tooth Stereo
USB Port Mounted in Cigarette lighter - Voted best mod on by me
Infinity Bass Link
Garmin Nuvi 750 in OEM dash mount
Nissan Brand Gray Blanket stored in door storage bin for the gf.

Hi-Lift Jack mounted to rear bumper
Snatch strap and shackles stored under the backseat
Cargo Matt - Man that thing was expensive
Tire Pressure Guage
Slime Valve Torque Tool
Air Compressor
Horse Power Enhancing Stickers

OEM Step Rails
Mud flaps
Stock intake
Removed the front sway bar and PRG End Links

The Wish List:

The Pics:



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How does the 5 in. lift ride? Heard mixed opinions on it.
I think it rides well. I am getting the Radflo Coilovers though. The stock + spacer doesn't give me the travel and ride I think I could easily get out of the better coil overs. But as my daily driver it's fine. I have hit some sections off roading where I felt I could have used the better suspension

Looks good! How much did the dealer charge to install the lift?
It was already installed when I bought it. I have the sticker and it was like $4500.00 for lift, wheels/tires and yakima Skybox and Anklebiter. I am sure the guy didn't pay that. He was able to talk them way down since it was an 08 model while the 09s were coming out.

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scottmen said:
a dealer installed Calmini 5 inch body lift and some nice Yakima equipment for the roof.
Nice X, but change this to a "suspension lift" since there's no such animal as a Calmini 5 inch "body lift."

You'll love the coilovers. When I added mine to my kit I gained 4 inches of clearance at the skid/drop bracket.

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After a couple weeks of street driving and one time in the dirt I am really liking the new coil overs. The difference is noticeable straight out of the gate for me, seems like I am tracking a lot better, less sway/roll in normal driving. While out in the dirt I did notice the bigger hits seems to be soaked up a lot better. Everything just feels more plush.

Now what to do with the tax return :dontknow: ?
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