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Here is XtoolBox's post for the next SCCX run, Sept 22-23. The SCCX site is back up, so you can post over there if you are interested or have questions.

xtoolbox said:
After 9+ months on duty Travis (XSnoopy) is returning from sea & this is meant as an epic home coming run for him, so lets all turn out and welcome him back. Everybody is welcome and I hope some of the old timers and new folks can make it.

This is not your typical run but a spectacular out of towner with some great hostorical sites to see, trails, camping, BBQ, etc. We plan on camping near the end of Cerro Gordo and having a nice dinner. Next day will be a trip up Silver Cyn to see the ancient Bristlecone Pines and drive on the highest dirt road in CA.

May change somewhat but as of right now the plan is:

9/22- 9am meet at: Mc Donald's:131 E Palmdale Blvd Palmdale, CA

9/22 - Famous & Historic Cerro Gordo trail (33 miles, SE of Lone pine, north of Keeler) that climbs steeply from the Swansea grade through wilderness to a ridge atop the Inyo mountains. Passes by the Burgess mine and New York Butte before crossing a narrow ridge with view of the Owens & Saline Valley on the way to the Salt Tramway station. For there its down hill to Bonham Mine, following a narrow rocky shelf road to the Cerro Gordo Mines & ghost town. Guidebook says it’s easy for the most part with a moderate section near the end and 1st section up to Burgess Mine. Link is somewhat old and rates it harder although I heard it closer to what the guide book says

9/23 we will head toward Bishop and take Silver Cyn road (6S02) up toward 4S02 to reach the Bristlecone Pine forest featuring 4.5K yr old trees with some stunning view all around. Lunch stop at the Patriarch Grove, featuring the world largest bristlecone tree where the trials end. Heading back down we will connect with Wyman Cyn (6S01) and head east down hill toward the 168 and Big Pine. Should take 4 hrs to cover the 25+ miles on very easy dirt type tracks and smoother gravel with a couple of water crossing at the beginning.

Please post up if you’re interested, have any Q’s, etc.

CB Channel 8, FRS 9, subcode 24.

Reference: Nocal Guide to back roads & 4-wheel drive trails by Charles Wells
Swansea -Cerro Gordo Road #47
Silver/Wyman Canyon #43
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