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Here is the post from SCCX about our July run. As always, be sure to check SCCX for updates and to let us know you'll be there. Also, as usual, the backup thread (for if(when) SCCX goes down right before the run) will be on XOC.

WolfmanX said:
This is our next run. More info to follow, but I wanted the dates and location up so people can plan ahead!


Meet place: Sugar Loaf Cafe, Pinyon Pines

10:00AM Pinyon
Sugar Loaf Cafe
Off HWY 74, across from Pinyon Fire Station.,0.464859&z=11&iwloc=A&om=1

Special Things to Bring:

WOOD (there will be NO scavaging for wood. Fire will be in a metal container. Due to fire restrictions WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HAVE A FIRE, bring gas stoves
HOT AND COOL weather clothing.


Channel: 7
Sub Code: 24

Channel: 7

HAM - See bottom of post

This run will take us to higher elevations for a nice cool, and fairly local run!


The order of trails has not been finalized.

Santa Rosa Road - Easy, graded forest service road. This is just to get things started.

Sawmill Road - Easy to Moderate unmaintained road. This road is VERY scenic, overlooking both Pinyon and Coachella valley. We ascend to the pines and hit the old sawmill. This will be the basecamp, but there are some optional runs depending on what people feel like. The most notable thing about this trail is the quail the size of chickens that infest it!!

Look more like T-REX tracks than quail!

Sawmill Loop - This one rates a #6 4WD CHALLENGING ( This is a fun loop with a pucker factor. The trail zig zags through the pines. We loop back around to the mill.

Rental car = OWNED!

Haunted Trailer Road - Moderate Trail offering the same scenic views and a creepy scooby doo ending.


After breakfast we all head down the hill to Pinyon, then up the mountain to Garner Valley. We head up to Thomas mountain, and follow the ridgeline eventually ending up in Hemet. Views, pines, and cool weather should be the highlight of this day, as the trails will be easy. Photography and hiking opportunities as well.



This is the setup I would like to use:

Freq: 146.400 (simplex 2m)
DCS code: 174
ARTS: Enabled

Make sure CWID is enabled for TX ON, and make sure your call is programmed in to the radio.

This will make it so we don't have to ID every 10 mins or what have you, when ARTS is enabled, the radio will send out your call in CW periodically. Secondly, ARTS will show whether other readios are in range of eachother or not, and in this terrain we should get a good 30-40+ miles at full power.
Hmmm . . . Quail the size of chickens, sounds like fun to me.
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