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ScanGauge and TPMS???

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I recently got a ScanGauge 3 to monitor transmission temperatures because I will be towing a small U-Haul trailer for a 530-mile move. This may be overkill for one purpose, but I will be driving on I-40 through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. It will be the first time I am towing anything too. To justify cost, I figured I could use it to get real-time data on tire pressure, battery voltage, etc. However, TPMS did not pull up with the AutoScan feature and the X-Gauge commands are not listed on their website. I have reached out to Customer Service and waiting to hear back.

Does anyone know if TPMS information is available for ScanGauge? If so, do you have the commands available?

Xterra is 2015 P4X.
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Another thing to keep in mind is that the car needs to be moving for the Scan Gauge to read the tire pressure. I believe it's above 20 mph and it will usually start to register after a few seconds.
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