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ScanGauge and TPMS???

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I recently got a ScanGauge 3 to monitor transmission temperatures because I will be towing a small U-Haul trailer for a 530-mile move. This may be overkill for one purpose, but I will be driving on I-40 through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. It will be the first time I am towing anything too. To justify cost, I figured I could use it to get real-time data on tire pressure, battery voltage, etc. However, TPMS did not pull up with the AutoScan feature and the X-Gauge commands are not listed on their website. I have reached out to Customer Service and waiting to hear back.

Does anyone know if TPMS information is available for ScanGauge? If so, do you have the commands available?

Xterra is 2015 P4X.
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TPMS is not available, as far as I know.
I did find some information on the Frontier forum.

I'll try it today but doesn't look like it will work. Bummer.
You should be able to program for TPMS, if you have the updated firmware and the X-Codes to program into the unit. I had to program the codes in for trasnmission temps, but I didn't add the TPMS functionality.

Edit: The TPMS X-Code looks to be separate and independent from the codes specific to each vehicle model.

I did look at that but there's no codes for TPMS.

EDIT: Totally missed the part where you said Scangauge 3... all the below pertains to Scangauge 2. I didn't even know they had a newer version. So the following may or may not be helpful in your case.

TPMS works great on my '09 (but unfortunately not my '06, it's too old) with a 4.5+ firmware Scangauge. It should work on your '15 if your firmware is 4.5+.

One thing that's not ideal, but not a big deal, is that you have to remember which tire is which, as it'll just display them as TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, and that does not correlate to the tire position. To figure out which was which, I just set tires at 25, 30, 35 and 40 PSI and drove for a bit. On my X for example it's

1 3
4 2

Next time I do a front to back tire rotation it'll be

4 2
1 3

I don't monitor all four at once, just typically have the TP(x) on the display along with volts, AT temp, and MPG. If I want to check all four tires I just toggle through the four TP's.
ScanGauge 3 is a bigger unit but easier to use, WIFI updates, multiple screens, etc. I just found out it existed when I was looking for a ScanGauge II a week ago. With the new unit, you can display up to nine different readings at once.

Do you have the codes you used for TPMS on the ScanGauge II? I will try it to see if it works. Maybe they don't have everything dialed in yet for ScanGauge 3.
Thanks. I will try it soon.
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