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Well Pony Boy did coil-over, i'm running leafs.
The jeep club here has the front axle, and my
friend has the rear axle needed. But my question is
should i buy this kit:

The kit is $1049
If i bought it in Pieces,
High steer 349
Springs 329
pitman arm 65
brake line 80
shock hoop 50
leaf hanger 235
ect... ya comes to more parting than just buying the kit and having extra
Also can pic up a IFS box 65$

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I know that a leaf setup would be easier and there is always the debate as to which is better, but my feeling is that leafs are inferior to coils. I think with a long arm coil setup not only do you get more travel you also get a better ride. I won’t think it should be much more work or much more expensive to go coil vs leaf and what little bit there is I think would pay off in the end.

I never did ask Ponyboy why he kept the leafs in the back and if he has any plans on down the road changing them over to coils.

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Our intial plan was to go leafs in the front. But like you said, the price difference was close enough to go coilovers. Most of the parts were already available. We used long arms from James Duff and the fox coilovers valved and tuned for the first gen, along with the same coil rating as the first gen. It worked out great.

I kept leafs in the rear because it cost next to nothing. All we did was move to SOA which lined up with the perches on the 9" rear. I did however end up getting longer shackles and new springs because I wanted a 9-10 leaf pack in the rear.

As for going coils in the rear, the fuel tank is a problem. Its in the way if we planned to use long arms or links in the rear. It might be possible to do a 3 link wishbone rear suspension, but unlike the front, the price difference wasn't as close between SOA and coils.
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