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Santims Xterra - 'The Bomber'...Lifted, Bypassed, Armored, and Bodylifted...

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Username: Santims
Year: 2007
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: SE
Color: Night Armor

Nickname: The Bomber - Given to me by my darn license plate starts B52...get it?

General Grabber AT2 265/65R17
I really need 33's.

Suspension/Lift Mods:
2" Spacer front lift (Top Gun Customz)(Installed 5/29/12)
2" Deaver AAL (PRG) (Installed 8/21/12)
Shims (PRG)(Installed 8/19/12)
2" Body Lift (AC) (Installed 10/7/2012)

Hefty Radiator Skid
Shrock Skids
White Knuckle Sliders (Installed 10/10/14)

South Co Locking Handle (Installed 2/20/12)

Vent Visors
4 additional tie downs in trunk
Yakima Double Down 4 hitch mount bike rack (Does that even count as a mod?)
Rad Bypass

48" Hi-Lift Extreme mounted under rear seat
Hi-Lift Off Road Base
Hi-Lift Lift Mate
Hi-Lift Off Road Kit

Future mods:
Cam Bolts (Waiting to Install & Seized to LCA)
Radflo 2.0 Extended Travel Coilovers
Nisstec Adjustable Shackle
Billstein 2-4" Rear Shock
RockyMtnX Factory Bumper Winch Mount

Purchased in 2010 with 28,000 miles. Have been pretty happy with it and have so far needed to fix an AC leak and replace a front hub/bearing. This truck is basically new to me and I have very little time to work on it, go wheeling, or anything else really.

I just hit 70,000 miles and she is still running strong. I have done some minor maintenance and fixed a few small things here and there but everything has been great over the years. Finally starting to get some stuff done recently. Did my first oil change in about 10 years today (2/20/12)


As of 10/7/12:

Just brought it home:


Chipmunk Mod:

Trunk Tie Downs:
Used a D-Ring purchased from Lowes. For each tie down: 4 large washers (i suggest the largest diameter that will fit in the channel), 2 small washers (if the center hole for your bolt is too large so your bolt does not fit through washers), 2 medium sized washers for above the channel, 2 nylon lock nuts.
When tightened the tie downs will clamp to the metal channel. They do not rattle but next time I would bedline or plastidip them.

As she sits 8/21/12:

First offroading trip 8/25/12:

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How much was the chipmunk mod. I have been looking into something like that... It really is unique.

Nice rig!
i had a squirrel mod just like that one the other day... chilled there for about an hour in the rain.
good looking x dude...and every x is special. :) cant wait to see what you do with it.
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The end result of the first "off roading" trip....well, i was actually on a legit road but it was about 3" wider than the truck at some points. Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the road. Lots of shallow water holes and plenty of packed sand. It was a good time!

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Added pics/description of tie downs to first post.
Nice truck, sounds like you have a good plan for building it up, too!
Finally got some of these mods ordered...
2" Deaver AAL
2" Front Spacers
2" Body Lift
Cam Bolts
It looks like i am gearing up for one hell of a mod day. Too bad it is so freakin cold out!

2" Deaver AAL (Waiting to Install)
2" Front Spacers (Waiting to Install)
2" Body Lift (Waiting to Install)
Shims (Waiting to Install)
Cam Bolts (Waiting to Install)
Shrock Skids (Waiting to Install)
Hefty Radiator Skid (Waiting to Install)
I seem to have lost the list.....
It is basically a d ring, 6 washers, 2 bolts and 2 lock nuts
Washers should be the width of the inside of the channel.
Other washers need to be only about 1/2 inch wider than the channel.
Make sure the washers inside diameter is as small as the bolt you used.
I think I used 1/2 inch bolts so they didn't extend too far past the nut and catch on things.

I used two wrenches to tighten

Will get some additional info soon.

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Performed my first oil change in about 10 years. Working on this was so much harder than my 1989 240SX. Lot had to do with the location of the oil filter. The rest had to do with the fact that I havent done an oil change in so long that I kept getting oil everywhere.

Installed my southco locking handle today as well.
Epic fail on the spacer time I go in, i am bringing extra nuts, bolts and a sawzall.
I also plan on going in with one of these:

and some of these
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My AALs were getting really beaten up by being stored in the back of my truck....I wanted just a little coat of somethign on them to hopefully cover soem of the spots that lost its original paint:

Finally got the front spacers installed. Ran into this stupid freaking stubborn and stripped bolt:

And this is what it looked like by the time i got it off!


Lift is on!

Alignment results - LCAs are seized:
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I got a long overdue tire rotation completed this weekend. The saga of completing my cheap spacer/aal lift continues....i think (a company) sent me the wrong u bolts....FAIL!
Did you get your skids installed? Did they do anything to your MPGs?
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