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Just depends on which of the 5 alternatives they decide to go with.
They decided the following:

Things staying the same under the plan:
  • Existing soaking tubs at Lower Spring and Palm Spring would remain in use
  • Upper Spring would remain undeveloped
  • All art installations that were in place by January 1, 2019 in non-wilderness areas would be allowed to stay
  • Airplane use of the Chicken Strip, in use for decades, would be authorized by a separate (pending) special regulation.
  • NPS would establish memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with user groups for maintenance and management of Saline Valley Warm Springs.
  • Public nudity is common at the site, and the plan is silent on this topic. Public nudity is not against Federal regulations, but lewd behavior is.
Things that would change:
  • Three camping zones would be established:
    • 1) car camping areas;
    • 2) walk-in camping with an associated parking area separate from the camping area; and
    • 3) areas where camping is prohibited, including within 100 feet of source springs.
  • Artistic fencing would be added around source springs to prevent access by nonnative burros.
  • Existing mature palm trees will stay at Lower Spring and Palm Spring until they die of natural causes. No new palm trees will be allowed to grow and native plants will be added to provide shade.
  • All nonnative plants, including palm trees, at Upper Spring will be removed.
  • New artwork will be allowed only if it does not disturb natural or cultural resources, is of a temporary nature, and is removed by the visitor when he or she leaves.
  • The vehicle support facility would be removed.
  • The NPS would address concerns about water quality, storage of hazardous materials, and wastewater.
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