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Intro Comments: I planned to be the guy with the beautiful stock, high mileage Xterra that everyone envied... Mod bug has stuck though.

Username: Saint Urho

Make: Nissan
Year: 2010
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Knight Armour.. err AKA Night Armor :dontknow:


BFG KO2 AT on Nissan Xterra black spare steelies, with Nissan centre caps
Studded Hakkapellita SUV winter tires on OEM OffRoad alloys
WeatherTec floor mats
DepHep Rack with wireless remote entry
Locking wetbox
Mudflaps off for summer / on for winter / just off forever now
Midland CB
Xoskel not-rock-sliders sliders
Maxterra rear bumper
Shrock skids
Shrock diff cover
RockyMTnX winch mount
Smittybuilt XRC9.5 Synthetic line winch
Old Man Emu 1.5" lift w Deaver AAL


none and done


wow.. shiny and new

looks perfect with shiny plastic

nice steelies for winter

hey.. what's the tab for?

nice place to keep the wireless remote

how it looks from far away

xoskel step rail / sliders installed

shrock skids

shrock diff cover

Maxterra rear bumper in black

LED Off road lights

Rocky Mtn X winch mount with SmittyBuilt winch

Old Man Emu 1.5" lifted

Towable roof top tent and vestibule.. or expedition trailer
by robert, on Flickr

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The only way you will manage to keep that beauty stock is stay away from these forums! Lets face it...sorta sucks you in haha. :iconbiggrin:

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Do you know the parts # of the plastic center caps and do you have to do any trimming to make them fit on the steelie?

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I don't know the part numbers , and I did no trimming to make them fit; just bolted them up. The stepped bolts actually seat on the wheel before they clamp down hard on the plastic cap, so the caps are slightly sloppy, probably a better fit to the "X" steel wheels than the spares. But I'm happy with them for sure.

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