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Routing for Factory Block Heater Cable

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My 06 Off-Road X came with the factory installed Block Heater cable, however, the bulk of the cable was in a zip-tie bundle between the battery and fender. In other words, the "end you plug in" wasn't "installed".

Can someone who either has access to a service manual or who has the Block Heater completely installed by the factory post a description or pictures of the correct locations to route the Block Heater cable. The wiring loom that the cable is wrapped in has a few plastic clips that are obviously intended to pop into some holes to hold the cable in place.
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They normally run out just below the grille. Are you saying it does not have the end that plugs into a cord on it?

If it were mine, I'd add a covered 120 male end to it from a RV supply and mount it like a 7 Pin on a shrockworks rear bumper (See that thread install for a pic) Rout it so there is a drip loop near that end and seal it with silicone. Open in, insert female end of heavy duty extension cord and she heats up.

Rule of thumb is you turn off the vehicle and plug it right in. It keeps the water hot. Then you unplug it to start. If you don't when you start it the flash of cooler water over the element jacks it up and may burn it out or at least reduce the life of it. Instructions should say all this.

routing for factory Block Heater cable

The complete block heater cable is in the engine compartment, however the only part that is "installed"(i.e. clipped or tied in place) is from the block to just next to the battery. I'm looking for info on the proper(i.e. as per the factory manual) routing for the rest of the cable(from the battery to the 110-volt end).
The only reference I found in the Service Manual about the Block Heater is in the "Engine Rebuilt" section. Nothing about the wire routing.

My wire (complete with a 110 plug) was also zip tied next to the battery. I unfold it, route-it between the helper side headlamp and the radiator, zip tie to bumper bracket - the plug is in the lower opening of the bumper.

Hope it help.
Did you ever figure it out?? I having the same issue.......
I think the guy did good. He actually searched, so kudos to him. And even if it's old and the op hasn't been around, he might have email alerts set up for this thread and if so there's a chance he'll sign on and update. Just saying...
Double necro!! :D

Yeah I'm wondering the same thing. The cable has several clips on it including a couple of zip ties, some grey push-pin clips, and a large black one. I don't know if they're just random so a customer can route the cable to their preferences, or if there is supposed to be a standard routing. For now I've left it loose, routed it down past the hood latch in front of the rads, and out through a hole in the grill.
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