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Rooney's X aka White Trails - Xterra is Gone and Welcome the New Frontier !

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:)Username: Rooney
Make : Nissan
Year: 2008
Model: Xterra
Trim: S model with dealer installed leather seats.. So pimp !
Color: Avalanche White.. Because in a world full of night armor Xterras there's white!

Owner/driver: Keith Rooney aka "Rooney"

Rig name : White Trails



  • PRG billet strut mounts with 1" of lift
  • Nisstec 2" spacers
  • Rancho rs9000xl adjustable shocks
  • TJM medium rate springs ( yellow ) 1.5" of lift
  • SPC upper control arms
  • PRG Bump stops
  • PRG lower control arm urethane bushing kit
  • Moog camber bolts
  • Swaybar removed
  • SpringForce rear AAL's 1.5-2"
  • AC shackels adjustable. -Whiteline performance spring, shackle and frame bushings
  • Rear Radflo emultion shocks 0-3" lift
  • PRG U-bolt flip kit bash plates
  • Chevy Silverado spring plates and square U-bolts to work with above
  • PRG 3° shims
  • Pro4x rear leaf spring pack ( replaced the worn out stock leafs )
  • Swaybar removed ....Good bye see ya !!! Lol
-Super Pro steering rack bushings

  • Duralo Front slotted rotors and pads
  • Front Posi quiet ceramic pads
  • Stainless steel front brakes lines (extended length)
  • Duralo slotted and drilled rotors with Duralo pads.
  • Nistec rear extended stainless brake lines
  • (rear) M226 with 4.10 gears by Yukon and stock e-locker
  • (front) r180 with 4.10 gears by Rugged rocks
  • r180 front locker by lokka installed.
  • TruCool transmission cooler
  • Stock trans with valvoline synthetic fluid.
  • Vent line extended for the rear diff
  • Lucas 75/140w synthetic rear fluid
  • Shrockworks front winch bumper
  • Shrockworks engine skid
  • Shrockworks rock sliders
  • Shrockworks radiator skid
  • Boulder iron works rear shock skid plates
  • Custom one off rear differential skid made be me.
  • Custom aluminum diamond plate trans skid made by member "Meatloaf"
  • 1/4" thick aluminum diamond plate gas tank skid made be me .
  • Pro4x OEM transfer skid
  • BFT kryptonite m226 rear diff cover
  • Smittybilt XRC9.5 9500 lbs winch
  • Smittybilt synthetic winch line
  • Smittybilt Quick release D-rings on the front
  • Daystar D-ring isolators
  • 10k lbs synthetic winch line
  • Boondox rear recovery brackets
  • Neiko recovery strap 20k lbs 2"x 20'
  • 2 D-rings on rear .
  • Level 8 ZX wheels 16x8.5
  • level 8 rock gaurds for the wheels
  • 4x BF Goodrich KO2 LT315/75/16
  • 1 x stock spare S wheel with LT315/75/16 bfg ko2.
  • White knight spline lock lug nuts
  • 1.5" wheel spacers
  • Bully Dog GT programer
  • NGK Platinum plugs ...big horse power gain ! Lol
  • Flowmaster 10 series muffler with custom piping
  • Jet throtle body spacer ( waste of money ! )
  • K&N drop in filter
  • Stillen Nissan Titan aluminum performance radiator
  • 2x 14" electronic cooling fan to eliminate belt driven fan
  • Custom aluminum radiator shroud
  • Xoskel light cage ( Thanks to larryboy )
  • 4 x Xoskel anti glare sheild for the roof lights ..(get these if you dont have them !!!)
  • 2x 7" led spot lights (arb knock offs) mounted on the bumper
  • 4 x KC daylighters 6" spot lights
  • 4 x KC rock gaurds for the lights
  • 2x 4" led spot lights in the rear corner bumpers for extra back up lights.
  • OEM fog lights
  • H9 fog light bulb conversion puts out more light then stock H11 bulbs.
  • KC rear flood lights
  • Fuse pannel to run all the lights
  • Gobi driver side ladder .
  • Gobi rear hatch struts for ladder . extra height and support
  • HI-lift jack mounts and Pittsburg 48" jack
  • Custom made snorkel kit one of kind made by me!!
  • some stickers for the windows to add horse power ! Lol
  • Spare tire mounted on roof
  • Firestik CB antenna
  • EGR rain gaurds
  • Spare tire up top
  • Stealthed the emblems
  • Front windows tinted 20%
  • Rear bumper painted black
  • Viggsdesign hood wrap helps cut down on the glare from the light cage
  • Simpson off- road stainless steel hood vents
  • ARB air compressor
  • Rangler grab handles
  • Para cord wrapped grab handles
  • Custom rear cargo rug (rex rug mod )
  • Leather steering wheel from a SE model
  • Pilot billet automatic shift knob
  • Overdrive button relocated
  • WeatherTech floor mats front and rear. These are a must have!
  • OEM seat covers with "Xterra" stitched on them full set front and back
  • Dealer installed leather seats covered up by the above covers ^
  • Otrattw rocker switches for roof lights, front driving lights, back up spots, trans cooler fan, arb compressor, rear locker.
  • LED dome lights from
  • Uniden pro520xl CB radio
  • Poineer avh p4300 dvd/cd player
  • New factory oem fog light switch
  • Rubber diamond plate flooring in the cargo area
  • Colman Led lantern
  • Jumper cables
  • Ratchet straps
  • Bungee cords lots of them !! Lol.
  • Tire plug kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Mechanics gloves
  • Extra spool of wire , zip ties , conectors ect ect. For trail repairs.
My love for a Xterra started one day when I drove by member XterraMike's house who live around corner from me. He was hosting a mod day and there was at least 4 heavily modded Xterras there and right then and there I said I had to have one! I then set out to find a Xterra and it led me to buy 2002 Xterra SE. It had some transmission issues when I bought it that I was planning on fixing but I ended up cutting my loss and sold it for what I paid for it ($3k). Instead of giving up my bad start in the Xterra world I set out again to search this time mixing things up and looking at frontiers instead but being that the wife will be driving it to I kept on course with finding another X! She is not a fan of pick up trucks. She hated my 2004 Chevy Silverado I had we we first met.
I found this Xterra at a local Nissan dealership parked in the very back of the lot . It was a 08 Xterra S model that was a trade in. It was less then desirable with some ugly checker flamed decals(see picture below) on the sides. Probably why know body wanted it. There was a few other Xterras on the lot but they were priced out of my range.
I purchased it July of 2011 it was listed for $19k and after my trade and some negotiating over the ugly stickers and the price she was mine ! I was not planning on spending over $10k at the time but i said I'd rather have a newer X with less miles then something older with more problems.
She had 50k on her and came equiped with a oem brush guard , step rails and dealer installed leather seats and some cheap kenwood cd player. The dealer also tossed in a new set of floor mats . The truck was in showroom condition inside and out (minus the decals lol). Everything was very well kept maintenance wise. Looking back I wish I held out and searched for a Offroad or Pro4x but I didn't know much about them at the time this would have saved me $$ buying a rear locker. My plans at the time were to put a Mild lift on the X and do some trail riding. That plan has gone completely out the door as of today lol. My other toy at time was fully built 1991 nissan sentra se-r track car. Its not a real friendly daily driver for the streets with no a/c ,heat and radio just a hungry turbo and a roll cage !! That car sadly she is parted out currently gone she will be missed ! My other currant fun toy for the street is my 71 datsun 510 that getting close to finish with a built sr20det and few goodies .

Ok back on to the build thread .....


Recent action pictures from ECXC 2015

Pictures from last month 6/2015

Pics from the NEXterra Fools Run 4/5/14 Gremlin Gravyard

This is how she looked the day I took her home or to my shop for that matter to break out the heat gun and remove the ugly stickers. So basicaly this is my first legit mod "remove stickers" lol !!

And after a hour with the heat gun ...walla !

Next up was the nice set of KC 6" daylighters my wife bought me for xmas 2011 ...she rocks ! I Mounted the top lights direclty to the roof rack by drilling a hole in them. Too cheap to but a light bar lol.

I Mounted the front lights to the front gaurd . They are mounted sideways so i had to turn the lense to get the beam pattern right .

First performance mod ( April 2012 ) . No noticeable hp gain but maybe a 1/2 of a MPG ... Jet TB spacer = Not worth $hit !!

First set of tires June 2012 They are Sport King AT's size LT285-75-16 load range D.

And first lift set up .. PRG front 2" spacers and the rear SpringForce AAL'S 1.5" lift for the back. Installed jully 2012 .

Picture of the AAL's going in ...

And the final results ....It rides a bit harder but I need camber bolts to dial out the positive camber

Here's a three wheel motion shot from my first trip to ECXC (2012) What a awsome time !

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I think you should have left those sweet stickers down the side
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:headbang: Nice start to a mighty fine Xterra Page, SE-Rooney.
Fixed the thread navy and thanks for the comments :icon_smile:
CB mounted and ready to go

I mounted the CB today took some cutting of the console but it fits great tomorrow i will get the antenna cable in and mount that up stay tuned ...
Specs: Uniden Pro520XL

little bit of trimming

and the end results ...
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Nice clean install man.
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Thank you sir ! I wish I could mount it back more but the floor ducts are in the way
antenna installed

The antenna whip is mounted and cable installed . I purchase the antenna off of craigslist for $15 el cheapo . I ran the cable threw the tail light grommet and along the inside of the rear panels . pics ....>>>>>

white matches my truck lol
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rain gaurds and off road light covers

Sorry my photo skills are not the best but today went to look at a set of New powder coated AJ slider that are brand new from another member around the corner from me and while I was there bought his EGR rain guards that are almost new . He s said it damaged his front window tint but I don't have front tint so that's cool with me
simple snap in and go

Front ..

Rear just use double sided tape

Then I stopped into pepboys to grab a set of boot covers form my rear shocks and spotted these. I've been them wanting so I can replace the bright Yellow smiley face ones lol

more to come .. Monday I will post up pics of sliders stay tuned :iconbiggrin:
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AJ slider

Finaly picked up my AJ sliders yesterday . They are powder coated back ready to get scratched . They will be going on this Sat . :bounce:

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love the sliders man! you coming out on the 15th with us still??? this time ill actually have a small CB like marshall had last time at rausch creek. lol
painted diff cover and new shocks

Got bored and painted my diff cover . It's a BFT cryptonite cover I won it at ECXC. I'm not sure about the color but its not too bright what do you guys think ...

So I looks like I had some mud mixed in the gear fluid damn! Look like I'll be running a long piece of hose off the breather before I go wheeling this weekend ! I Should have done the breather mod ..Duh

Here is the diff cover installed finaly Yay !

Pukegreen I will be there this saturday bud :)
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Thank you thank you .. I will be there hopefully with my sliders installed .

And also a long hose on the rear diff breather :mad:
Sliders installed

Finaly got my AJ sliders installed today ! yay time to scratch them :headbang:

Drilled the holes and used the 14mm self tapping bolts . Not a fan of the idea of using self tapping bolt to hold them on . I think later I might fab a set of brackets to give it extra support .

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Nice...coming along quickly...time to take that rear sway bar off.... :)
Thank you sir . I unbolt it when I go wheelin but I might just take it off for good .... weight reduction :D
You wont miss it....Your truck will thank you!
Stupid conrtol arm bolts !!!!!!

so today after three days of swearing throwing wrenches across the shop I managed to get one side done of istalling the MOOG cam bolts . Serious WTF was the dummies at nissan thinking when they thought it was good idea to make the clearence inside the sleeve where the bolt goes threw so "bleeping" tight that when any rust or water gets in there it's ball game over ! My driver side is not done but im just ordering a new lower control arm I'm not wasting anymore time I'll just torch the bolts off and replace the control arms. Im sure that Nissan designed it so that you have to replace the control arms in a case like this !
I ended up cutting the bolt head off on both sides and removing the control arm and placing it in a vise to get the rest of the bolt out . I used a big hammer and punch along with a air hammer .( not fun !)

Incase some one need part# for moog cam bolts

The only side done right now the passenger side >>>>

My PRG bump stops installed >>>>

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