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Username: RikRong

Real Name: Rick Long
Xterra's Nickname: BluX

Year: 2015
Trim: Pro-4X
Color: Metallic Blue



  • Titan Swap
  • M205 front diff/OEM Titan half-shafts
  • SPC Titan UCAs
  • OEM Titan LCAs
  • Radflo 2.5 coilovers
  • Titan tie rods
  • Deaver leaves
  • PRG/Nisstec/Nissan hybrid u-bolt flip
  • Radflo 2.0 in rear
  • Nisstec rear bump stop extensions
  • PRG adjustable shackles
  • Nisstec extended rear brake lines
  • PRG extended front brake lines
  • SPC camber bolts

  • Bully Dog tune
  • AFE Hi-tuck exhaust
  • 350Z thermostat

- 285/75-16 BFG T/A KO2's

  • LED reverse bulbs
  • Bucksnort rear bumper
  • White Knuckle sliders
  • Hefty complete skid set/aluminum fuel tank skid
  • Hep's Designs roof basket
  • LEDs in roof lights
  • Rear dustlights and work lights
  • MaxGear Armor ditch lights
  • Nissan window visors

  • PRG diff cover
  • diff breather extension
  • PRG aluminum front diff bushing inserts
  • PRG delrin steering rack bushings

  • CoverKing Tactical seat covers
  • ScanGauge
  • LED dome lights
  • Hep's Designs MOLLE panels
  • Raingler interior roof net
  • Paracord headrest handles
  • McMaster-Carr 175# hatch struts
  • 5% tint back windows/15% tint front windows
  • Yaesu FT-7900R dual band radio w/Tram NMO antenna
  • Uniden 520XL CB, with RoadPro RP-550 antenna

As she sits now

When she was brand new and just after installing the mild lift from the Frontier I traded in

Titan Swap

Yes, I was caught by SpeedHunters at Nissfest

Now, for the random pics...

In the El Paso Mountain range and Last Chance Canyon. Thanks to @JFanaselle for the TOTM photo!

Getting muddy in Hollister with @BCBrian, @JeniorNV, and the rest of the NorCal/NV crew

Flexy in Big Bear

Holcomb Creek in Big Bear with @SoCalXTerry and @Celt


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Looks good!...I wrote up a how NOT to do a rear u bolt flip....basically says be carefully not to pinch your abs's an easy ( but pricey) repair.
love the color
Yeah, I think I came across that thread when I was researching the mod. This blue is one of my favorite OEM colors.

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Wheels look great man!
Thanks, they're one of my overall favorite styles for any car.

Well, I got the OME leaves on Thursday. The leaves, u-bolt flip kit, Bilstein 5100s, Nisstec coilovers, and SPC UCAs got installed today. The front and rear struts and the UCAs came off of my Frontier, so that's why they look a little worn. They've been through one winter here in North Dakota. I'm still waiting for the Xterra Performance MOLLE panels. This weekend or next, I'll be throwing on the IMS and installing the Bully Dog tune. I also need to install my breather vent before I head to Gilbert, MN two weeks from now.

I also just found out last week that I'll be moving to the High Desert of SoCal, so I'll probably be looking around on this forum for some wheelin' events. The mods will pause for a little bit, until I get settled after the move.

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I also did the SPC UCA's, i read afterwards to trim the Coil bucket, i have not done so but i highly recommend you do cause i had to order new boots for the ball joints cause both had tears in them :( sucks good thing new boots are only 6 bucks but still. I plan on grinding my coil bucket back soon. you may be alright though since you've got those sweet coil overs and not a spacer lift like me. Rig looks awesome as usual.

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Yeah, I had to trim a little on my Frontier. I was in a time crunch yesterday, so I didn't get to it. It looks like they will barely hit only at full droop, so I'll call it good for now.

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looks like youll be ready for Gilbert :) I am still waiting on to get my X back from Iron Rock, hopefully I have enough time to get it all broken in before then.
Yeah, I should be ready. I just need to get that breather mod put on before I head up there. What are you getting done at Iron Rock?

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Got a m226 swapped in, 3.54gears, arb front and rear lockers and the lift, and a bunch of other little things.
Oh, nice. A front locker is on the list for me. I've heard the stock rear e-locker holds up pretty decently, so I probably won't touch that for a while.

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It's so shiny and clean!! Looks great. I forget what it's like working under my truck and not having chunks of dirt constantly falling in my eyes.

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Yeah, you aren't kidding. It was so nice working on this thing over the weekend. I removed all the parts off of my Frontier about three weeks ago, and I practically had to wear safety glasses. Hopefully, I'll be adding some dirt to the chassis next weekend. ;)

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Well, installed the IMS, diff breather, and XterraPerformance/DepHep MOLLE panels today. I like the panels, a lot. I'll be putting more pouches on the window panel and I'll be using the hatch panel for tools. I also attempted to install the BDGT tune, but ran into an update issue.

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Finished up my CB install today; Uniden 520XL CB, with RoadPro RP-550 antenna. Went a little different route and installed the antenna in the hood channel.
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