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Rigid Nismo Fog Lights

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I just purchased the Nismo rigid round fog lights. I’m trying to replace the oem fog lights with these. I’m hoping that someone has done this cause besides the fact it’s the same size nothing else matches. Any suggestions
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The Rigid Nismo lights are meant for aftermarket mounting and wiring. Either on aftermarket bumpers, ditch light brackets, or on roof racks.

The plugs will also be for an aftermarket harness.

As far as I am aware, to get them in the factory bumper fog light location, you will have to custom make a bracket and then adapt the wiring to the OE or run a new harness.
Do you have a link to the lights?
Nissans use a 'standard' 4 bolt fog bolted to a bumper specific ring/adapter/bracket.
If they don't match the usual 4 bolt lights, I doubt they're intended for our bumpers.
For wiring, you can get this adapter if you don't want to splice anything: Deutsch DT 2-Pin Adapter Wires (pair)

If these are the lights you have, they unfortunately won't work if you're running the stock bumper. As both @Eurow and @chevy42083 have stated, these are designed to be used on either aftermarket bumpers or mounted as ditch lights. You will need to make your own bracket to mount them.

It's worth noting that you will also need a turn signal stalk that has the fog light switch on it if you're planning to connect them to the factory fog light harness. Fog Light Compatible Stalk
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Rough Country makes a bracket (Part # 71021) that mounts a pod light in place of fogs for 2nd gen Frontiers. You still have to drill two holes into the crash beam to fit it. It may work for Xterras but I make no promises.
I tried everything but couldn’t do it
If you have stock bumper then it wont work. I am assuming you are putting them onto a Nismo bumper? I used the amber version of what you are discussing and I simply cut the aftermarket plugs off and wired it into the factory plug. Works fine with my stalk.
I have oem bumper I thought I can put them in place of the fog lights but it wouldn’t work. I put them on my bull bar but what bulbs can I get to make the headlights and fog lights white to match
Temperature of light would have to match, 5500 vs 3500 degrees Kelvin kind of thing is what’s showing.

You need the bulbs in Xterra lights to be over 5000 K to be white.
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