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Ricel's X Build

Make : Nissan
Model: Xterra
Year: 2012
Trim : Pro4X with leather !
Color: Super Black
Owner/driver: Curtis Sellon aka "Ricel"
Rig name : (TBD)

Mileage: 73,421

Nissan Xterra Specifications and Reference Guide

Interested in what mods change my fuel milage?
Modifications and Maintenance to Fuel Milage Chart


Bumper On

Good and Clean

Stock Flex

ECXC 2014

Getting air at ECXC 2014


Mod Pile
Nissan Parts 2” Body Lift
PRG 3* Shims
Airflow Snorkel - Needs some repairs
R180 w/ 3.69 Gearing
M226 3.69 Gears

Factory Options
Pro 4X E-Z Button (E-Locker)
Factory Leather Package
Pro-4X Carpeted Floor Mats
Rockford-Fosgate Premium Sound System
Gentex auto-dim & compass mirror
Rear cargo area roll out privacy cover

Mobil 1 Synthetic 5w-30
Femco No Spill Oil Drain Plug | [Part] - Removed
Fumuto Oil Drain Plug
Royal Purple Gear Oil
Continental Elite Poly-V Drive Belt - Part
Diff Breather Mod Nissan PN: 38323-c601a | [Part]
Volant Intake System PN: 12740 | [Part]
Hypertech Max Energy Tune [Part]

Pro 4X Bilstein HD
Nisstec Lift Shackles | [Part] - Removed
Deaver Dual Add-a-Leaf | [Part]
Sway-Bar - Removed

Pro 4X Bilstein HD
PRG 1.5” Spacerss | [Part]
Energy Suspension Bump Stops - PN: 9.9102G | [Part]
Nisstec Cam Bolts | [Part]

Vent Visors (in-channel)
Hood struts
Gobi Ladder [Part]
Mud Flaps - Removed
Yakima Load Warrior Rack | [Part] - Removed


Pro 4X Skid Plates - Fuel Tank
Shrockworks Front Bumper | [Part]
Shrockworks Radiator Skid
Shrockworks Engine Skid
Shrockworks Transfercase Skid
[URL=""]Ballistic Fab Diff Cover M225

Pro 4X Driving Lights
LED 3x3 Bumper Pod Lights
Stock Fog Lights

Cobra 75wx [Part]
RadioShack Magmount Antenna
Dedicated Ipod w/ Dash Command | [Part]
PLX Wifi OBD2 Reader | [Part]
Dedicated Ipod w/ Dash Command | [Part]

Blue Sea 12 spot Fuse Block w/ Ground | [Part]

Pro 4X Leather Interior
Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror with Compass
Weathertech Universal Mats
Custom Center Console Lock Box - Removed
Custom Rubber Cargo Mat [Part]
Fluids and Parts Ammo Box
Raingler RMA Interior Net (Pet Divider) | [Part]

60" Highlift with base | [Part]
Recovery Bag
-Warn Snatch Strap
-Dragline SynthShackles
-Dragline SynthBlock,
-Dewalt 18v Drill
-Ryobi 18v Sawzaw

On Board Air
White 10lb CO2 Tank w/ X-Flow and Pro Series XP400 Regulator | [Part]
Power Tank Bottle Mount
Tire Management Bag
-PowerTank Tire Inflator
-PowerTank Air Hose
-PowerTank tire repair kit
-Trailhead Tire Deflator Kit [Part]

Brakes / Wheels / Tires
16" x 7" Aluminum-Alloy Wheels
285/75/16 Cooper Discovery AT3
P265/75R16 BFGoodrich Rugged Trail
PlastiDip Wheels - Removed
Rear - EBC S1KR1031 Stage-1 Rotors/Pads
Front - EBC S1KF1038 Stage-1 Rotors/Pads

Minimum ground clearance: 9.5”
Angle of Approach: 33.2*
Angle of Departure: 29.4*
Ramp Over Angle: 23.8*

Front Travel: 5.6”
Rear Travel: x.x”

Curb Weight: 4,235 lbs

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RIP 1st Gen. Hello 2nd Gen

The New X Achievements - 1,148 The Achievements
Ownership - 172
The Unseeable Volume (5 pts)
Rip van Winkle (7 pts)
Low Clearance (10 pts)
MC Hammer (10 pts)
And Going And Going And Gone (20 pts)
-And the Band Played On (20 pts)
-Icarus (20 pts)
Legacy (40 points) Upgrade from a 1st gen Xterra (stacks)
Genius Grant (40 pts)

Mods - 370
Sneaky (5 pts) Stealthed rims, plastics, rails, or bumpers
-Armory (30 points) Add permanent/semi-permanent firearms stowage.
Tesla (15 pts) Create an electical issue
Let There Be Light (20 pts)

On the Trails - 545
Everest (5 pts) Get high-centered
David (10 pts) Lead a trail in a stock Xterra
Transform and Roll Out (10 pts) Lead a trail in a modified Xterra
Tripod (10 pts) Achieve a three-wheeling stance
Band of Brothers (20 pts) Recover a Nissan vehicle (inspired by Xybergeek)
Cold Shoulder (20 pts) Get hung up on a snow bank
I've Fallen (20 pts) Get stuck
-...and I Can't Get Up (30 pts) Achieve I've Fallen needing recovery from another vehicle
--Walk of Shame (-10 pts) Get recovered by a Jeep (stacks)
Ninja Hauler (50 pts) Offroad in an Xterra with a stealth achievement
Ninja Holler (90 pts) Spot for an Xterra Ninja
Up a Creek (90 pts) Run out of spare tires
Peter Pan (200 pts) Complete a trail using only one hand to operate your Xterra. At no point may your other hand touch the steering wheel, shifter, pedals, or any switch related to the drivetrain.

Carnage - 35
Skidmark (5 pts) Scratch a skid plate down to the steel
Arête'd Development (10 pts) Scrape a rock (Inspired by 11Pro4X)
QWOP (10 pts) Go into limp mode
Treehugger (10 pts) Acquire body damage from a tree

Community - 26
Welcome to the Jungle (1 pt) Survive the thenewx Blackout of 2012. Must be registered and have posted on thenewx before April 24, 2012.
Here's My Card (5 pts) Inspire an Xterra owner to join an Xterra forum. Does not stack.
Atlantean (10 pts) Partcipate in East Coast Xterra Challenge
Escape Pod (5 pts) Find the backup forum.
-Zur-En-Arrh (5 pts) Register and post on the backup forum.

Little History Lesson for the one's that care:

Well, after 3 months and ECXC coming right around the corner, I guess its a good time to start my Official Second Gen Build Thread.

This beauty is the second one in my line of Xterras. Before, I owened a 2002 Black First Gen for a good number of years. Me and that truck learned a lot over the years, meeting new people, perfecting the art of a skillfull modder, and many other lessons (some not so good :eek:ccasion5:). But after a good run, and 200k miles later, she trudged me home after a day in the 2013 NE Blizard, and like an old faithfull horse got me all the way to my driveway, where she pulled in, looked at me and softly went down.

After adding up the costs to fix everything as well as the maintanance to come, I felt it was better to pick up a brand new 2012 Pro4X. And what a steal I got it for.

Pictures From Day One. 65 Miles on her! 03/01/2013 :headbang:

So this is what power feels like

The Girlfriend had to take a picture or two. Hahaha

Here is the Old Girl On her last days


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Stealthed Wheels - Plasitidip (5,582mi)

First real mod that came to this here girl was a quick plastidiped set of wheels.

It ended up being a nice hot day and after she was up on jack stands, the wheels were in the garage ready to be prepped.

I gave them a nice solid bath and wiped them down with a rubbing alcohol. Then after taping them up with 3M Blue Lock painter tape and some painters paper, I gave them each a sold set of coats (around 5-8).

Taped and ready to go

Rears with a couple coats already on

Fronts installed


Came out pretty damn good

I really liked the PlastiDip. Very easy to use and protects the wheels. The best part is easy touchup or if too damaged, just peal off and start again.

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Cargo Liner (6,470 mi)

Had some time recently to toss in a custom cargo mat to lay over the plastic cargo area. After picking up a 36"x60" Recycled Rubber mat from Home Depot, I stencled out the cargo area, made some quick measturements and used a razor blade to make some nice cuts.

Quick and clean.

Pretty thick stuff

Textured rubber

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Electrical Work and other things (6,470)

Before I headed out to ECXC 13 I needed to get a couple things done for the truck. A laundry list of things.

Blue Sea in Cabin Fuse Block
Cobra 75wx CB
CB Antenna
Dedicated Ipod w/ Dash Command
Plix Wifi OBD2 Reader

**Fuse Block**
I picked up the 12 position Blue Sea Fuse Block from west marine as well as the 15' or so of marine grade #4 wire. Initially I tried to run it from the battery through the passenger side firewall but after an hour of playing with it, I ended up going through a hole in the drive side fire wall.

Coming off the battery i crimped on a battery terminal connection and ran it along the inside passenger fender inside the engine bay. In the very near future, I will be adding in a 12v Breaker right after the battery to handle shorts caused by damaged to the 15' of HOT wire. You would want to match this to the amperage of the max draw from all electrical components that could be turned on at one time on the fuse block.

Then using wire loom to conceal it, I ran it along the length of the engine bay to the driver side, where using a wire grommet, I fed the wire through an unused hole in the firewall.

Once Inside the cabin, I ran the wire towards the front of the dash, up and over the steering column and followed a brace bar back down under the radio. There behind the Locker controls I ran the wire to the rear of the glove box.

The vertical support bar for the passenger dash was a perfect fit for the fuse block, but needed a bracket fabbed up to mount to it.

This was my first attempt at making a bracket, but forgot to compensate for the width of the support bar. Due to its 'C' shaped channel you need to compensate for overhang to allow the bracket to sit flush against it.

Once complete I attached the Blue Sea Block and ran a ground wire following the power to the drive side footwell where I found a suitable ground.

Heres a picture of it mounted behind the glove compartment.

Once the Block was installed, I was able to install the CB. After looking for the best possible solution to mount it, I found that the 75WX fit perfectly in the ‘C’ bracket for the dashboard.

After drilling and mounting it in place I ran my power leads to the newly installed fuse block and organized everything with wire loom.

A little blury but you can see where I exited the Hand Mic’s connector. It currently lies next to the E-Brake lever and soon will be mounted to the dash under ignition for easy access.

For the Antenna, I originally modified a FireStik bracket to fit perfectly behind the driver brake light but after test fitting it I did not like the ‘stick-out’ of the antenna on the side of the truck.

I ended up temporary going with a cheap Magmount Radioshack brand CB antenna and ran the wire under the rear driver door seal and down the driver B Pillar and under the kick plate to the CBs box.

**Dash Command and Plx Device**

I had a PLX device from the first gen kicking around and it worked out beautifully for running wireless OBD II codes right from my iPhone. A quick relocation of the OBDII port and tuck away of the excess wire let me to a wireless clean solution to Engine Diagnostics. Sadly I can’t program the engine, but it is nice to get a lot of that data out and into your hand.

With my old iPhone 4 not in use anymore, I jailbroke it and have been ‘trying out’ Dash Command, a very powerful Engine Monitoring App. Almost well worth the $50 to put it on my new iPhone.


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So went to Rausch for ECXC, was asked to lead with out ever being there before. Haha.

All good until I turned left and almost went straight into Frog Hole!

Realized how deep it was and tossed in in reverse and after about 4 minutes was able to dig my self out. It was too late, I wasn't fast enough and buried the pass headlight in the hole and got some of that beautiful PA muddy water in the cab. What a mess. It smelled wonderful by the way.

After cleaning out the whole cab and getting the 4 lbs of mud out of my door sill today, it's getting there.

But, the problem. After submerging it, I noticed shifting issues in the AT. It slams hard on downshift and it seems to loose power randomly almost like its in neutral for 5-6 seconds.

I checked the fluid and it looked clean. Everything else was fine with no codes. I thought something maybe got wet but not sure what I was looking for.

I have to thank Romeo over and over for towing my truck back to CT on his trailer. Did get to drive a lifted 1st Gen back, (missing that ol girl)

Well on its 5 hour trip home, with the wind, It must have dried everything out. She runs smooth as butta again. guessing a connector got a little more than it wanted. :eek:ccasion5:

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That cargo area looks great. It's a great idea too. Whenever I put things back there the hard plastic OEM stuff makes it slide all over the place and it's really annoying.

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Hood Shocks Installed (9,168 mi)

Took some time today and Installed the Hood Struts. I'll one of the best simple mods I've done.

Following this How To and the Redline Instructions and came out perfect. (making sure to add the extra inch from redline's manual)

Ordered from McMaster Carr:

2x 9416K19 - Gas Spring w/ Threaded Ends, 60#, 18.62" - 8.27"
4x 9416K74 - 10 mm Steel Ball Socket for M6 Thread
4x 9512K95 - Ball Mounting Hardware



dont want to drill into the hood

You can see the stack of washers added to compensate for the gap found in the fender. I've also noticed if I let the hood lift up all on its own, it extends a little too fast and puts added stress on the brakcets. If I were to do it again, I might have brought the lower brackets back towards the hinges 1" or used a lighter shock.
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