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RF sound package vs. in cabin microfilter

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I have a factory ordered 06 OR 4x4 with the RF sound and I was unable to order it with the in cabin microfilter as well. I have not opened up the glove box to look for it yet, but I was wondering if any one else had a similar experience?
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Here is a the thread on how to replace one if you decide to install it at a later date. . .
In "Nissan Speak" there are Options and Accessories. Options are things such as manual or automatic transmission, which are installed at the factory. Accessories are things you can buy from the Parts Department at your dealer, and either install yourself or have them do the install. There are very few Options for the X models, but a number of Accessories. You could have made the in-cabin microfilter part of your purchase deal(i.e. the dealership installs it before delivery to you).
I thought they all came with the in cabin filter?!?!
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