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Username: Rev
Year: 2008
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: SE
Color: Night Armor


Suspension and Tires
Firestone Destination MT - 285/70/R17
2" wheel spacers on rear from
2" wheel spacers on front (yet to be installed)
2" PRG front lift spacers
Calmini 1.5" rear shackles
1.5" AAL

Full NXRocks Skids in red

giant marine battery

Weathertech floor liners
Cobra 29 CB (replaced with small Midland CB)
Raingler RIXN Large ceiling net
Raingler half barrier net
Bluesea 12 Fuseblock
Bluesea 150A Distribution block in wet box
4 OTRATTW Rocker Switches
JL 10W6 (not currently used)
Hood LEDs
Oznium LED's
Oznium round LED switches (6)
Reverse sensor with Display
Garmin 755T
Nissan GPS mount

2" Body Lift
4' magnetic whip antenna
4 (fake) KC Daylighters with guards(2 HID 6000 conversion)
Fangars light cage
Nissan Bug Deflector

How to wire offroad lights:

Tow Strap
Custom DK built shackle brackets

Expedition Equipment
New ARB 45 Fridge
20L Gas can
Raingler MCN Roof Rack Containment Net

Future mods: Rear Maxterra bumper; Titan swap; Ladder; Fangars raplacement rack


Here she is shortly after I bought her camping at Killbear Provincial Park Ontario 2008 (stock)

My first real mode was a reverse sensor with audible display (Dec 2008)

Next I added Firestone Destination MT 285/70/R17 (Jan 2009)

In front of the church: (Jan. 2009)

Driveway shot, stock suspension on 33's with melt mod. (Feb. 2009)

In the spring I added 2” PRG spacers and took her down to Myrtle Beach State Park, SC (April 2009)

Washington PA. Picked up my DepHep rack from Tony the next day on the way home to Toronto (April 2009)

New ARB fridge/freezer came in the mail from Sierra Expeditions (April 2009)

Relocated VDC (May 2009):

OTRATTW Rocker Switches (May 2009):

Raingler Net (May 2009):

Finally got my DepHep Rack installed with side and rear lights (May 2009):

Minden Hydro Line (June 2009):

AJ's Super Squares (June 2009):

Mud St. (July 2009):

LED mods (July/August 2009)

Rear Lift: 1.5” shackle with a 1.5” AAL for 3” lift (Sep 2009)

Hi-Lift (Dec 2009)

Garmin 755T and Nissan Dock

Stone Deflector (Jan 2010)

4 KC Daylighters on a Fangars cage (better pic to come)

HID Offroad light install (Feb 2010)

2 130w Driving lights on OTRATTW rocker switch (March 2010)

Custom Rear Recovery (Mar 2010)

Stealthed SE Wheels (Apr 2010)

2" Body Lift (August 2012)

Dirty Pose

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nice looking ride. I actually saw an xterra today with what looked like the stock reverse sensors from a titan mounted in 4 places on the rear bumper. Is that what you did with your sensors?? if so, pics......thanks!

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Yes! I finally got an XTickle endorsement!

mtbnole, thanks. The reverse sensor is this:

It is indeed four sensors connceted to a display I mounted in my dash. The install is easy, and I find it very handy to have in the city. Even outside the city it provides an amount of safety for any child, dog, bicycle that gets behind you unnoticed.

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is your CB antenna attached to the rear hatch? how do you have that wired and can you please show us? pics of the hatch open would be great too...
Here you go:

here you can see the ground with quick disconnect for removal

Funny thing... I had to lower my antenna 2 inches on the hatch so I could get into my parking garage without hitting it, because of the new tires.

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Lookin' good, Rev.

I'm kicking myself for not checking out those Weathertechs at the CNTC meet. Speaking of which, are you getting any abuse over the white letters being on the outside? :)

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LOL. Ya I am! Especially at the CNTC. But with the stock rims I like it that way so they can suck it! :pirate:

Next time you are down my way you can let me know and you can check them out - mini coffee meet. Or if I'm in Stouffville visiting my parents I'd be up your way. But I do recommend them highly! Very pricey, but a good investment if you like to keep your truck pristine like I do.

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Thanks Sami. I LOVE the tires. Bit loud compared to the stockers, but I like it.

What I paid will be irrelevent for you because I bought them in Canada in good ol' colourful Canadian dollars.
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