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Review: Staun Deflator

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Well I was at 4 wheel parts for like the 10th time to get a set of tire deflators to replace the ones I had. Well, there was a recall on them for some reason, so No more. I was kinda forced to shuck out the big bucks for some Stauns I had been looking at but shy away from on price. I got a chance to use them this past weekend and I just got to say, don't short yourself here, If you wheel a lot you need these. You can set them to any pressure. Easy instructions. You just crank em on and when they stop letting air out, you are where you set it for. No need to re set just unplug and go. So, Get a set. 100% cool. Had Bill Burke not said to get them, I never would have, seemed like a lot of money, but saves the heck out of your hands and back. MC
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Wish I would have had a set yesterday. Man were my hands cold manually defalting the tires!
Here is a comparison of deflators:
I like the Currie and went to buy one at 4 Wheel Parts the other day when I needed a new tire guage. They were out, but had they been in stock I would be writing my own review and testing out the Tsunami as well. (These guys did a compressor comparison, too: )
buxwheat said:
I saw that the Oasis aired up a tire from 10 - 30 PSI in under a minute... and i was like damn I need to get me one of those... then I saw the price tag of over $800... and I was like damn I dont need to get me one of those!! :blackeye:
LOL for $800 you can buy 10 Tsunami's and have $ left over for a few sets of Stuans. Link the 10 together, get a battery bank of like 10 deep cycles and blow all your tires up in 10 seconds! :bounce:

And, 4 wheel parts sells like an exact compressor as the Tsunami for like $79 only has their own box Called a super something. But it was the same.

Old Bill wheels for a living, So I went with the stuan. Can't beat a guy at his job. I wanted to add that I numbered mine with a tool marker (Engraver) so that when you check your pressure after you air down, you know what one might be off to calibrate later. All went down perfectly. But numbering them is good when you calibrate as they all look alike.
As usual, MC, you were on target w/ the Tsunami. Just posted that comparison to show that others have found it to be a great tool at a great buy, w/ some data to back it up. I think they are still available at Pep Boys thru this month w/ a $10 rebate (net cost ~$50). Make sure you post any other great accessories/tools as you find and test them. Kinda like UL© Approved, only MC© Approved. If it has the MC seal of approval it's OK to buy.
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