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I just wanted to throw a quick review about the Quadratec J3 17" light bar. Quadratec has the J3 in a 28" version as well, along with the J5 which is a 50" version. The J3 has a listed output of 5400 lumens using nine (9) 10° Spot Beam LEDs and a IP69 waterproof rating. I'm not going to talk so much about the output (it's bright, it's in spotlight configuration vs the other two(2) versions which have a flood/spot combo), but I will talk about the amber halo rings which set this apart.

The light comes with two(2) wires, one being a Deutsch-style connector, the other being a fuse tap that controls the amber halo rings. I say "controls" but it relies on whatever fuse you decide to tap. There's no switch for the halo lights. I chose the 30A "spare" fuse from the engine compartment, which turns the halo lights on when I turn the key. The fuse tap comes with a 5A fuse installed already. To me the amber halo lights perform the same function as the Raptor lights that can be installed for much cheaper. I was already getting a light bar (thanks to the wife for a great Valentines Day gift) so I found one that combined the two(2) and ran with it. I used a rigid industries wire harness (40193) that I had to extend to make it work.

The price was $119.99 shipped. I went ahead and purchased the light cover which allows only the halo lights to show through until it's removed. Photos attached. Let me know if anyone wants any more info.


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