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Review: Alpine CDA 9856 With ipod interface

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This isn't really Xterra specific, but if anyone reading this that's in the market for a new head unit even thinks they could want to connect their ipod to the stereo, this is the product to go with.

It costs $195 at best buy + 29.99 for the ipod cable. You can get the head unit for 179.99 on crutchfield and get a free harness and dash install kit (i already had this stuff, and i had a gift certificate to use for best buy).

I'd recommend alpine even if you didnt want ipod connectivity because it is such a good brand. I've used JVC, Sony, Pioneer in the past and alpine sounds better than all of them.

The ipod interface is unmatched by any other car audio company, period. it is the only company that offers full speed ipod control (no lag through an external ipod adapter, which can cost up to $100) and an extreemly easy to use interface.

The ipod controls are almost exactly what you see on your ipod screen (which is replaced by an "///ALPINE" Logo when plugged in and tucked away in a glove box) except there's only one line of text. You can do artist searches, playlist searches, song searches all withot lag. And yes, there is a way to just shuffle all the songs on the ipod. The ID3 tag info is displayed on the display as well.

The only thing i could recomend besides this head unit, is the CDA 9857 because it has a 2 line display (a dot-matrix style display) but i couldnt justify spending an extra $150 just for that (that is, indeed, the only difference). The single line display does just fine.

even if you dont have an ipod, but think you may in the future, this is the way to go. i cant explain how happy i am with it.
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i have that exact head unit in my X. it works awesome! the ipod full speed control is top knotch. i sooo recemend anyone looking for a head unit to look into this unit. its easy to install too :compress: . i have crutchfields installation guide with pics if a buyer wants it. ill fax it or scann it to them...
best of luck buying.
I just finished installing the 9857, and it is nice as heck. I will be installing 10" Sony Subs tomorrow, I will get a write up on this done by the end of the week.

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