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Alien Gear Holster's just released their new OWB Cloak Mod Holster, as well as a 'dock' system for it to put on desks, vehicles, etc etc.

I decided to give it a go as I was keeping my side arm in the driver door pocket, which was inconvenient, and not the most accessible place. In my Juke, I kept it between the driver seat and center console, which was good, unfortunately in the X the parking brake handle allows for too much play, and is just unsafe for a fire arm.

I opted to mount mine on the side of the center console / trans tunnel. The template and drill bit they provide to you, which is awesome for those of you who don't already have a full set of drill bits, or the proper one. I taped the template up, and instead of just trusting it and drilling, I marked just to make sure it matched the actual mount (Which it did), then drilled the holes (I made sure to just barely go through the plastic, as I didn't feel like taking the time to remove all the paneling to make sure nothing was behind it). they provide various different types of screws (plastic, metal, etc) for whatever your mounting to. I put the plastic screws in, and everything is pretty firm.

The mount has 2 options for inside or outside depending on which side you are mounting on (and if your holster is set for RH / LH), and 3 different "depths" for inside (i mounted mine on the max width setting, I will probably move it to the middle setting this weekend though since i'm carrying a glock 30 in it and it's not a large side arm).

The OWB holster stays in the dock very securely. I did several 'draws' to check (always follow proper fire arm safety) and it was snug every time; IE the holster never came out with my side arm. How ever when you do need to remove the cloak mod OWB holster, it comes out in less than a second.

Over all, I have to give this holster mount system a 10/10.

The dock is $15. or $10 if you order it with the OWB Cloak holster ($47.88).
Paddle Holster - Award Winning OWB Paddle Holster | Alien Gear Holsters
Alien Gear Cloak Dock Holster Mount

They have a you tube video as well

What I did was found a buddy who wanted one of their holsters, and used their buy 2 holsters savings option they offer (basically get a discount if you buy 2) and then I added on the cloak dock. They trade out shells for their IWB holsters at no charge, but I like to have a holster for every one of my pistols so I just end up ordering new ones.

**DISCLAIMER** This mounting location may not comply with your local / state laws (if you care about such things)

*UPDATE* 12/28/16
I finally got around to seeing if my bladetech holster for my FN P9 would fit. It has a larger "paddle" portion that goes inside the waist band. It did fit, but was only "semi" secure. I imagine if I had this holster straight up and down, and not canted, it would of been more secure. It looks like any paddle that has a slight notch on the inside to catch on the dock will some what work as long as the outer shell of the gun portion fits inside and there is something on the paddle portion to catch on the dock. Obviously, it won't be as secure as using the alien gear holster designed for it, and I would test security using proper fire arm safety measures first.


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Looks very secure. That is one of the easiest places to mount something as well. There is nothing behind it at all. I'm sold. Excellent write up. Thank you.
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