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Today, the mailman delivered my torque adapter ( ACDelco ARM602-4)
ARM602-4 1/2" Digital Torque Adapter

Basically, this is a device which attaches to a standard socket wrench and turns it into a digital torque wrench.

ACDelco offers this device in both a 3/8 and a 1/2 version.

The 1/2 version can be used to measure between 4 and 150 ft/lbs where as the 3/8 is limited to 59 ft/lbs.

For this reason, I purchased the 1/2 version knowing there would be times I would need to use a 3/8" adapter.

My first impression upon holding this toolwas very positive.
This tool don't appear cheaply made and it has a bit of weight for its small size.

I took the adapter out to my utility trailer and checked it by torquing a lug nut against my click torque wrench.
Basically, I torqued the lug nut to 50 and later 100ft/lbs with my old torque wrench. Between each torquing i attempted to do the same with the new torque adapter. Generally speaking, i was watching to see if the adapter alarmed at the proper range or if it moved the lug nut.

At 50ft/lbs, the torque adapter matched my old torque wrench by alarming prior to moving the lug nut
At 100ft/lbs the adapter moved the lug nut slightly before alarming at the set torque.
Basically, this would have been well within advertised accuracy.
Who knows, maybe my old torque wrench was off at 100ft/lbs.

Anyway, I used this device while changing the fluids in my front and rear differentials, transfer case and transmission.

I loved it.

For what it's worth, the only time I didn't use this tool was on the fill hole of my transfer case.
The exhaust pipe didn't allow enough clearance for my 10mm hex socket, 3/8 adapter, torque adapter and wrench .
Basically, I broke out the bar torque wrench and finished this bolt properly.

In the past I would guess when torquing such items as this, but it's now clear to me that I was probably not terribly accurate.

Please fill free to ask any questions you may have regarding the ACDelco torque adapter.

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Model Number ARM602-4

Drive 1/2" Square
Length 3" (75 mm)
Width 1-27/32" (47 mm)
Height 1-29/32" (48 mm)

Accuracy CW ± 2%; CCW ± 3%
Measured Torque Range 4-147.6 ft-lbs (5-200 Nm)
Resolution 1 kg-cm, 0.1 N-m, 1 in-lb, 0.1 ft-lb

Auto Shut-Off After 1 Minute of No Use
Operation Temperature 0-50°C
Storage Temperature -10~60°C
Battery Coin cell CR2032 x 2
Tool Weight 0.44 lbs (0.20 kg)

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Price varies widely depending on your vendor.

Keep in mind the added cost of shipping.
Prices rounded for easy typing

Tooltopia $47
National Tool Warehouse $52
Summit Racing $58 (free shipping if you spend $100 or more)
Advance auto $70
(however, if you use a 25% off coupon for shopping online, and have it shipped to your store for free pickup, your down to $52)

Yes, you can purchase a Harbor Freight click style torque wrench rated in inch lbs for around $20 ($10 when they have their tent sales) . To be honest, many of the auto parts stores have what appears to be identical torque wrenches for $30.

With this in mind, $50ish dollars isn't so bad in comparison to what you could be paying for a click style torque wrench at Lowe's or Napa and you gain the benefit of it being digital.

Lastly, a digital torque wrench can easily exceed $150.
With this in mind, this tool is an awesome deal.

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A video I found on YouTube

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