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Results of Lifting

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After completing suspension work on my X i took it on a 2 weeks trip to Southern Utah with mix of highway and an easy to rough 4x4 roads.
My conclusion: suspension doesn't work. The ride is horrible as if there is no suspension. Bouncing on the street, much worse on dirt. I feel like it is rear suspension to blame, Dobinson leafs medium load completely overpowering Bilsteins. I read some guys recommended removing leafs to improve the ride, i may have to do that as the ride is just unbearable.
In comparison, I lifted my 86 VW Syncro Vanagon while back using spring lift plus spacers in the back and ride is just as good and comfy as it was before the lift. But it's got independent rear suspension, not stone age leafs. Listening to any suggestions
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I have a modded 2011 P4x with 5100s, ADO HD coils & Alcan leafs/standard OEM shackle. Great off road & daily driver. I also have a restored 1981Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser that has leaf springs front and rear (OME 2.5" lift using leafs & shocks). My FJ40 will out-wheel my Xterra any day of the week. Putting down a leaf spring suspension is just uneducated & an error. They are 2 different types of rigs which does make a difference. As an afterthought, I had a 1974 FJ40 that I bought new back in the day and I went places that the other 4WD vehicles of the day couldn't even get to (referring to Blazer, full size trucks, etc). Don't put down leaf spring suspensions.
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