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Results of Lifting

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After completing suspension work on my X i took it on a 2 weeks trip to Southern Utah with mix of highway and an easy to rough 4x4 roads.
My conclusion: suspension doesn't work. The ride is horrible as if there is no suspension. Bouncing on the street, much worse on dirt. I feel like it is rear suspension to blame, Dobinson leafs medium load completely overpowering Bilsteins. I read some guys recommended removing leafs to improve the ride, i may have to do that as the ride is just unbearable.
In comparison, I lifted my 86 VW Syncro Vanagon while back using spring lift plus spacers in the back and ride is just as good and comfy as it was before the lift. But it's got independent rear suspension, not stone age leafs. Listening to any suggestions
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I bought ARB medium springs, which caused a 1” lift. Good in the road, too hard in the desert.
2 months later I added extended 2” shackles. Much better.

eventually I got Alcan 2” lift and +200lb over stock stiffness. Rides great, better than ARB.

Alcan shop weighed my Xterra to be +500lb over stock. +200lb spring stiffness was my choice. Works great. Numbers depend on where you ride. What you want. I wanted softer ride.

you may be at stock weight with too stiff leaf springs. Get softer setting. This is a setup with many variables, including shock length. Things need to match or you get a harsh ride.

Alcan said not to drive Offroad for the first 500 miles.
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