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Those small hoses are notorious for leaking where they attach to the reservoir. It wouldn't hurt to remove the hoses from the new tank, coat the nipples with silicone sealer, and reinstall and clamp them down.

If you pull the battery it will give you much more room to work.

To avoid issues with loss of heat at idle speed, be sure your coolant level is maintained an inch or so above the seam when cold when all is done.

Where the small rearward hose connects at the heater hose, some folks have trouble with that heater hose fitting cracking, so be prepared to replace that if you have an issue. AutoZone has a replacement hose/pipe with a metal fitting and it's currently about $60. If this is your only ride, be sure this hose is immediately available locally before you start this job, in case you need it.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts