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So I was getting a P0304 randomly. As suggested here, I replaced the spark plugs, being I was at around 100K miles and this has not been done, also swapped the coil packs to see if the problem follows to a different cylinder.

The good news is that I have not had a P0304 code since. What concerns me was that cylinder #4, same as the P0304 code, threads and socket was very rusted. All other plugs looked worn but OK. Also, I have been loosing about 1/2gal of antifreeze every 6 months or so with no sign of leaks anywhere in the garage. (new radiator already installed, and the ATF shows no sign of SMOD).

A little history...I had the dealer replace my timing belt at 50K due to the TSB regarding the recall on the secondary tensioner. When they put it back together, it was not right and they needed to rebuild the head and valves for, you guessed, cylinder #4. That is what they told me, and what was on the paper work. So much for the dealer knowing what to do....

So my it possible there is a problem with the head or even the head gasket allowing coolant to get to the spark plug in this cylinder? For the most part, all seems to be running good. Temp (using a scan gauge) is reading about 205-210 on the freeway driving 70MPH, on a 85deg day.

Would you look further into this issue...or let all be until the next time the timing belt needs to be replaced? My concern is that I will not be able to get the spark plug back out if I need to...unless I pull the head.
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