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Relief Valve Replacement on Oil Cooler

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I plan on preemptively changing the oil cooler gasket (21304-JK20A) during the next oil change. 12 year old gasket, but still working fine...the recent post on this gasket leaking provided motivation to replace it.

Reviewing the FSM (factory service manual), I see item 6 in the image below, which is called a "relief valve". Has anyone replaced this valve? I couldn't find any posts on replacing this valve nor do I recall seeing this valve when changing the oil filter. The FSM uses the circled X symbol, which states "Always replace after every disassembly". I couldn't find a Nissan part number for this valve for the Xterra either. If the valve there, I assume you pull it out and hammer in the new one?

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Don't take it out and you won't have to replace it.
If you were doing a full engine rebuild and were cleaning metal debris out of the engine, that is when you would remove and replace it.
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