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Relief Valve Replacement on Oil Cooler

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I plan on preemptively changing the oil cooler gasket (21304-JK20A) during the next oil change. 12 year old gasket, but still working fine...the recent post on this gasket leaking provided motivation to replace it.

Reviewing the FSM (factory service manual), I see item 6 in the image below, which is called a "relief valve". Has anyone replaced this valve? I couldn't find any posts on replacing this valve nor do I recall seeing this valve when changing the oil filter. The FSM uses the circled X symbol, which states "Always replace after every disassembly". I couldn't find a Nissan part number for this valve for the Xterra either. If the valve there, I assume you pull it out and hammer in the new one?

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Found the Xterra part number: 15241-43U0A.

It's a check it's function, then if needed, replace the item. For this part, that circled X means if you remove this valve, don't put the old valve back in, put in a new valve since removal likely damaged the old part.

Relief Valve
Check relief valve for movement, cracks and breaks by pushing the ball. If replacement is necessary, remove relief valve by prying it out using a suitable tool. Install a new relief valve in place by tapping it in.

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Don't take it out and you won't have to replace it.
If you were doing a full engine rebuild and were cleaning metal debris out of the engine, that is when you would remove and replace it.
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