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Howdy from Dallas


Name: Matt

Age: 17

Location : Dallas, Texas

Rig : 2011 Silver Nissan Xterra S 4wd

Mods : Nothing too big yet except removed step rails and mud flaps.
Future mods: Calmini 2" Shackles and Spacers lift, Calmini bumper/winch, bigger tires (hopefully 33's), tinted windows, CB/PA combo, interior bike rack.

Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Swimming, Running, Triathlons, offroading (obviously), hunting, camping, fishing

Favorite Websites: clubxterra, lonstarjeep

Final Saying : If you ain't first, you're last.


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Name: Brian
Location: centerville, tx
Rig:2005 nissan xterra s 4x4

Just looking for some locals.

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Name: Brady

Age: 30

Location : Royse City, TX

Rig : 2008 Nissan Xterra S

Mods : K&N drop-in, wife and kid

Hobbies: Cars, the X, music, Crossfit.

Favorite Websites:,, crossfit,com

Final Saying : Hopefully I'll get to meet some of you. The X will be the wife's for a few years. I'll be (stealth) modding it until then. When it's mine (and paid off), she'll get the works.

See you guys around!


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Name: Terrance

Location: Boston, MA

Rig: 2010 SE 4x4 AT

Mods: Horsepower stripe, silly interior labels, grip taped steps, fake switch for proton torpedo launcher/turbo, vent visors, 16" rear wiper with upgraded spring, grab handles, brake light guards, Gobi ladder. Rear diff breather when it stops raining...

Hobbies: Wargaming miniatures (collecting), action figure customizing, finding silly things to do to the X, art (sculptor by trade). Also a licensed teacher.

Favorite Websites: TNX,,,

Final saying: The pun is always intended.

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Name: Keath

Age: 29

Ride: 2012 Xterra Pro-4X Auto

Mods: Sunshade

Hey guys! I just joined a few days ago finally after browsing for years. I just recently purchased my third Xterra a week ago and also just moved to Texas in the middle of July. I'd like to meet some other Xterra owners and be active in the community. Back home we had a group of GTO owners that got together and went to the track an such.

Do you guys have regular GTG's or anything? Here's my ride...


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Name: Dylan

Age: 29

Location : Ardmore, OK

Rig : 2008 Silver Off Road

Mods : 285/75 Goodyear MTR Kevlar tires, Lo Pro with KC Daylighters, White Knuckle rock sliders, Shrockworks back bumper, HAM radio on the dash, Nexus 7 on the dash, custom lack of a front bumper (ripped it off in a creek that was a bit too narrow, see pic). Needs a lift and a bumper.

Hobbies: motorcycles, surfing, snowboarding, electronics, software

Favorite Websites:

This is my second X, the first one got totaled on the interstate near Boston (not my fault). I love this vehicle.

Final Saying : Where's my compass?? 19.44.05.jpg 09.47.22.jpg?m 08.43.36.jpg

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Name: Kyle Smith
Age: 25

Location : Spring/Houston, Tx

Rig : 2007 Nissan Xterra S Midnight Blue 4x4

Mods : PRG 4wd Advanced Coil over Kit, PRG upper UCAs, Window deflectors, Front bush guard, 285/75/R16 Wrangle Dura Trac tires, Pop up gps dash, Double din dvd player, Custom blue tooth gps controlled steering wheel, all weather floor mats, Fog lights

Ordered: Rear Shrockworks bumper with tire rack carrier, Bully dog tuner, stream light solar panel for car,

Hobbies: Hockey, scuba diving, mountain biking, snowboarding, wake boarding, 4 wheelers, hunting, rock climbing, camping, shooting, most anything outdoors. Bbqing, games, bf3

Job: Work at Technip (oil and Gas) as an engineer

Favorite Websites:,

I love guns. Beer, Hockey, Football, Cars, Hookah and getting away from the damn city into the real texas/ good ol american country

Final Saying : Lets play some hockey and then drink some beer...wait...we can do both!!

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Me: Joy, 29, single, USAF
Location: Abilene, TX
Rig: 2005 Xterra, silver, 4x4, 6-speed manual
Mods: NissTec Radflo extended travel untimate kit, Shrockworks front and rear bumpers, xoskel light cage, White Knuckle rock sliders, magnaflow with black tip, K&N, 33" AT, two 10" Aplines, Kenwood DNN 990 (with the help of friends, I did 90% of all the mods myself)
Hobbies: Taking my dog Ratchet (as in a socket wrench, not the slang word) to the dog park or lake. Riding my Ninja- although I'm still new and nervous on it :( Playing COD on xbox. Drinking beer! Camping, fishing, and playing outside in general. Watching the Patriots. And of course taking my X out to get muddy and jump hills!


Link to my facebook photo album for my X build

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Name: Christian Kolquist
Age: 34

Location : Buda/Austin, Tx

Rig : 2012 XTerra Night Armor Pro-4x, purchased a week ago

Mods : ATM only stickers, removed the mud flaps

Planned : Step Sliders, Lift, Bumpers, winch, etc. Full off road

Hobbies: Computers (I work in IT as a Linux Sysadmin), Motorcycles (I currently own 2), small engine repair (I fix lawn mowers and give them away to people and charities in need), Books, Camping (I need to do more of it), shooting

Job: ARM, Inc as a Linux System Administrator

I just purchased mine a week and a half ago and I already have many thing planned out for it :)

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Name: Cameron Nicholson
Age: 21

Location : Austin, Tx

Rig : 2012 Xterra Night Armor Super Black Pro-4x, purchased roughly two weeks ago

Mods : Nothing yet

Planned : Front/Back bumpers w/ tire rack & winch (debating on brands), ladder, rock sliders, debating on another roof rack (I like the stock on), cb radio, open to suggestions

Hobbies: Guns, hunting, fishing, computers, games, off-roading, football, and other that I can't think of at the moment

Job: Enterprise Pro Support for Dell


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Name: Mike
Age: 31
Location: Shermans Dale, PA
Rig: 2010 Xterra S purchased in December 2014
Mods: You can check my build page
Planned: Too much to list and never enough!
Hobbies: Shooting, paintball, kayaking, offroading, overlanding, gaming, hiking, geeking out, and more.
Job: Department of Defense
LOL you posted in a Texas based regional forum, you post whore you ;-) haha

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Name: Azar
Age: 37
Location: Highland Village, TX (DFW)
Rig: 2006 Xterra Xtreme package, original owner. 243k miles and counting
Mods: Daystar 2" lift, ARB Front bumper with winch and fog lights, 17" Fuel Hostage wheels with 32's
Planned: CB, LED bar, nerf bar, rear bumper with tire carrier, rtt
Hobbies: work hard, play hard. Enjoy down time watching my daughter (17) play ball, love my Hokies and being adventurous. Looking to explore Texas and the west in the X. Just bought my daughter a 2010 Rubicon on 35s and want to start teaching her how to wheel safely off-road. I found this forum last week (Feb 2016) and hope to meet you guys at events in the near future.
Job: VP, Regional Property Manager for an industrial REIT so I travel a lot. When I'm not traveling, I'm hoping to hit the trails with y'all.


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Name: Luis

Age: 32

Location : San Antonio TX

Rig : 2008 Nissan Xterra S only 75k miles. My first Xterra

Mods : nothing big, replaced radiator,removed the flaps, keep the crappy steps

Hobbies. I have old bikes, comic books wife and kids lol

I'm new to the Xterra and I love this car hopefully be putting some better tires soon and possibly a lift to make it off-road worthy.

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Name: Michael

Age: 38

Location : Denton

Rig : 2013 Xterra S

Mods : None, bought last week.

Planned: Wheels / tires, small lift, roof rack, tire carrier, stereo

Hobbies: Computers, old motorcycles

Job: Threat Intelligence for MSSP

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Name: Josh
Age: 32

Rig: 2006 Xterra S
Location: New Orleans, La

Hobbies: Indie Filming. Huge horror film buff. Halloween. Guitar. Glock. Beer.And 2 weeks into the X ownership.

Mods: None but prepping

Plans: Lift, Wheels&Tires, Intake, Headers, Headlights, LED Light bar, Recoat plastics, +more

Job: Operations Manager (in school for Computer Information Systems)
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