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So I figured I'd get a little something going in our region that would allow us to introduce one another and a little bit about us and our rigs. It'll also allow others to find new folks to run with and make some new friends. So hopefully this works...I'll lead...

Name: Brian

Age: 24

Location : Cypress, Tx

Rig : 2007 Nissan Xterra S

Mods : yakima roof rack, 4 Hella 500s, ShrockWorks Full set of skids w/diff cover, Shrockworks sliders and 285/75/16 Firestone Destinations.

Hobbies: Obviously my Xterra is one of them, I'm into quads as well and am currently working on a custom yamaha banshee, I'm a family person by day and a video game junky by night. Hanging out at the beach and fishing whenever time allows me, always trying to find something I can do to our new house. Love BBQ'ing and hanging around outdoors as well.

Favorite Websites: (d'uh!),, and late at night (hehe).

Final Saying : I think alot of us have spent a great deal of sweat, blood and time into our rigs, it's awesome that we can all come to this site and have a blast without bashing and flaming. It's always great to see a new person or the next mod that ya'll folks do to your rigs, always looking for guys to meet up with for a wrenching day or even to go wheeling. I look forward to meeting ya'll some day and to those who I have already met, it's always a blast!



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Name: Chase

Age: 23 (come Oct 5)

Location : San Antonio, TX

Rig : 2005 Night Armor Xterra, S model, 4X4

Mods : Shrockworks front bumper w/ ProComp 130W lights, Volant CAI, Duralast Gold battery, PRG UCA's, Radflo 2.0 coilovers w/ Eibach 750 springs, Metal Matrix ceramic brake pads, 33" BFGoodrich AT KO's, Shrockworks sliders, full tint, Alpine HU, Sirius, Infinity Reference series speakers, RF amps, Alpine Type R 10" sub, fire extinguisher, 2 MagLites, LOBO shelf w/ recovery gear, Cobra 19 Ultra III CB, Yakima Load Warrior w/ Hi-Lift and shovel mounted, and more stickers than you!

Hobbies/Interests: All things Xterra, music, movies, IT/tech stuff, Apple/Mac stuff, my dogs, my fiance, family and friends, getting outdoors and doing stuff worth-while.

Favorite Websites: TheNewX, MySpace, FaceBook,,, YouTube,, and of course my own:
My X Blog
My X Thread
My Shaklee Site

Final Saying : Ever forward.


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Name: Chia
Age: 28

Location : Round Rock, Tx

Rig : 2005 Nissan Xterra S Night Armor
1992 Jeep Cherokee

Mods : K&N Intake, Gibson Exhuast, Pathfinder AllTerrains
3.5 inch lift, 31x10.50 bfgs, up graded steering, heavy duty bumper, rock rails, slip yoke eliminator, new driveshaft, header, exhaust

Hobbies:Wheeling and building models and legos. Also Love to play video games

Favorite Websites:,,,,

Final Saying : God Bless Texas - YEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!


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Name: Bill
Age: 24

Location : Galveston, Tx

Rig : 2006 Nissan Xterra S Avalanche

Mods : Radflo coilovers, deaver mini-pack, AC shackles, extended SS brake lines, 255/85 M/T tires, 4x hella 500s on roof, coleman rack with yakima hi-lift mounts, gobi ladder, stereo stuff, and a few other odds and ends.

Hobbies:scuba diving (caves mostly), mountain biking, skiing, most anything outdoors.

Favorite Websites:,,,

Final Saying : say what?


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Name: Trey
Age: 18

Location : Austin/Waco, Tx

Rig : 2008 Nissan Xterra S 4x4 MT, Desert Stone

Mods : Aries Bull Bar with Hella 500's, Factory Fogs, Cobra 18WXSTII, K&N CAI with Amsoil filter, MagnaFlow Muffler, Shrockworks skids

Hobbies: RC Cars, Gaming (Xbox and PC), and the Xterra

Favorite Websites:,,, Youtube

Final Saying : I'm new to offroading, but not to Xterra's. I look forward to modding my xterra more and going off-roading with you guys.


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Name: Eddie Webb

Age: 27

Location : H-Town

Rig : 2006 Nissan Xterra S 4x4 AT, Midnight Blue

Mods : I honestly cannot list all my mods on here... I think the keyboard would explolde from all the typing

Hobbies: Traveling, Camping, Trying to find the next thing to do to my X, Shooting range,

Favorite Websites: Dont surf the net near as much as I used to...

Final Saying : Enough Said


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Name: Travis

Age: 28

Location : Columbus, Tx / Baton Rouge, La

Rig : 2009 Nissan Xterra X

Mods : Factory 2wd suspension swapped out for 2008 OR suspension, "S" alloys, 265/75-16 TreadWright Wardens, Maxterra rear bumper, custom aluminum radiator skid, Hella rallye 4000 mounted behind custom mesh grille, hella super tone 500 Hrz horn, rhino lined bumpers and rocker panels, DT long tube headers, DT cat back exhaust, Nismo CAI with custom Stainless cool box, Up-Rev tuning and alot of other stuff...

Hobbies: diving, cookin, old bourbon, cold beer, music, anything pretty or fast enough to get me in trouble... and my "X"

Final Saying : with out a heart we are heartless, with out faith we are faithless and with out an Xterra we are useless... :wave:


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I saw this thread earlier today and thought about bringing it back since it had been a while.

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Bringin it back....

Name: Brad

Age: 29

Location : Richmond, Tx

Rig : 2005 Nissan Xterra SE

Mods : 265/70/17 Desti's, weird stain on the back seat from dog, dueling car-seats, and an empty miller high life can that has been my diligent copilot from under the passenger seat for about a year now.

Hobbies: whatever is happening that day.

Favorite Websites:,, FB, am a gadget geek)

Final Saying : You only touch a hot stove once.

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Name: Lee

Age: 34

Location : Aransas Pass, Tx

Rig : 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Mods : BajaRack, Trail-Gear Sliders, 6 Circuit Accessory Fuse Box, Tacoma Fog Light Switches, SilverStar Ultras, Titan Air Jack, Cast Hi-lift, After-Market Power Inverter, Trail Team Badge, M-PAC Rear Door & Side Rack Combos, #10 CO2 Tank, aFe TBS CAI & Hi Tuck Exhaust, Icon Stage 1 Lift, Camburg UCA, Midland 75-822 w/Bandi & 3' Firefly, Wolo 120 Horns, 285/75/16 Maxxis Bighorns, Badger 5lb Fire Extinguisher, Outrider Suspension Armor.

Hobbies: Fishing, off-roading, other outdoorsy stuff, guitar.

Favorite Websites:

Final Saying : Wait, what?

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I'll be the first Arkansan to post up..

Name: Will

Age: 23

Location : Hope, Arkansas

Rig : 2010 Nissan Xterra Off Road

Mods : Pretty well stock at this time..

Hobbies: Hunting (duck, deer, crow, coyote, squirrel), fishing, camping, ATVs, off-roading, photography, home renovation.

Favorite Websites: TNX,, TTORA

Final Saying : If you want to hear God laugh, tell him YOUR plans!

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Bump for the noobs

Name: Rolando

Age: 24

Location : Houston, Texas

Rig : 2007 Nissan Xterra S 2wd

Mods : You wanna know what I got? Let me know, we'll go grab some beers and I can show you, cause I dont want to do alot of typing. :)

Hobbies: I don't have any "set" hobbies, but I like to have fun and laugh with friends. :drink:

Favorite Websites: You mean there is more out there besides thenewx??? :confused:

Final Saying : If you can't laugh at yourself, then others will... :eek:ccasion5:

Also, we need a 2wd Xterra Club!

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Name: Mitch

Location: New Orleans LA

Rig: 2006 Xterra X 6MT 4wd

Mods: Shrocks sliders on order and the rear diff breather mod

Hobbies: Living the dream

Favorite Websites: is my "call sign"

Final saying: admit nothing and deny everything
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