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To aid you in locating fellow members from this region, I have listed members by state as indicated below. I have also broken it down further to indicate members by city in each state. Some members have choose not to list what city they are from in their profile and these members are listed first, prior to the state city listings.

Indicated below are random examples of Member's Xterra's from each state of this thread; just click on link under photo to view members from that state;

Blk11Xterra - 2011 Super Black "S"

New York Regional Members

Muzikman - 2005 Granite "OR"

Western Pennsylvania Regional Members

emt1028 - 2005 Night Armor "OR"

North Central Pennsylvania Regional Members

Fromfrontier2Xterra - 2013 Metallic Blue "S"

South Central Pennsylvania Regional Members

XterraPA - 2005 Super Black "S"

Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Members

santims - 2007 Night Armor "SE"

New Jersey Regional Members
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Central NJ sir

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