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Rear sway bar

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Ok, as you can tell from this post Im still somewhat new to owning an SUV (I have previously owned a 93 Jeep Cherokee but never really did anything with it). I was just wondering what the deal with removing the rear sway bar is. I hear alot of people talking about it and Im curious to know how it helps and if there are any disadvantages to doing it. Any help would be great. I tried to do a search for it but couldnt find what I needed. Thanks in advance.
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I took mine off and really really noticed it. When I put the Timbren rear springs on, it felt like it was on again. (Not allowing so much body roll) If I wasn't going off road too much, I'd leave it on.

The best thing is the quick disconnects that they make, But they don't have em for ours yet. The bar stays there, but you have end links that have quick disconnects on them for OR. They should come out soon.

Muzikman said:
DuXterra said:
Yeah the quick disconnects sound like the way to go, do you know who is making them?
I don't see why you couldn't take some QD ends for a Jeep and make a set. But unlike a Jeep, they would be a real pain to take on and off (you would have to crawl under the truck). I would most likely disconnect them and leave them disconnected.:)
Hey Muzikman, you have a Shrockworks Rear, so there is ALL KINDS of room under there for you NOT to hit your head. :)

Just a thought for those that play less often. I thought about making a set by welding a 1st get set with sleeves onto my 2nd Gen set add a bit for the lift and go with it. But after the timbren install, I don't need a rear sway. No so sure I need a front sway LOL

BGXterra said:
if I add timbrens, will that help like a bar or do they just belp on bottoming out?
Ahhhh I have Timbrens and so does Slater, they do help in corners a LOT! See the timbren link for testimonials.
When you corner the body rolls and sets the body down on the Timbrens...the more you lean into it the more the timbrens squash and support the weight. I'd be very confident to say I can take a corner 15 to 20 MPH faster than a comparably equipped X with no rear sway Bar and no timbrens. I ran that way for a while I know.

Take a look at the last picture in my post on install.
This link
That is what they do in a curve. PM Slater or anyone else about it that has em, some people have commented in the thread about the stability it adds.

Note that the Autozone cheap ones work for the front. I save you $$
And the difference up there is as measurable.
BGXterra said:
Thanks MC that was very useful info as usual

Hey quick question, why are you banned from AC?
I have to respect Dan's wishes and prevent him from eating the popcorn, it may hinder him passing a Police dept. Physical Fitness test.

I want him to settle down with a new Job so he can post more, he's a walking bank of xinformation. And he is single-handedly responsible for all the mods I did. ..... The $ he cost me! :cheers:

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