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Rear sway bar

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Ok, as you can tell from this post Im still somewhat new to owning an SUV (I have previously owned a 93 Jeep Cherokee but never really did anything with it). I was just wondering what the deal with removing the rear sway bar is. I hear alot of people talking about it and Im curious to know how it helps and if there are any disadvantages to doing it. Any help would be great. I tried to do a search for it but couldnt find what I needed. Thanks in advance.
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Muzikman said:
You will surely feel it missing more if you tow.
This 100% correct. With my jetskis on the trailer (1200 Lbs) I can't tell a difference, with my utility trailer on carrying 2500 lbs of rock I really feel it when its off.

As MC said quick disconnects are the way to go.

My 2 cents :cyclops:
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