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Rear sway bar

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Ok, as you can tell from this post Im still somewhat new to owning an SUV (I have previously owned a 93 Jeep Cherokee but never really did anything with it). I was just wondering what the deal with removing the rear sway bar is. I hear alot of people talking about it and Im curious to know how it helps and if there are any disadvantages to doing it. Any help would be great. I tried to do a search for it but couldnt find what I needed. Thanks in advance.
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The "anti-"swaybar helps prevents roll when cornering. This helps with on-road handling. But what it does while off-roading is limit your rear wheel travel. When on a trail it's important to try and keep all 4 wheels on the ground. Removing the rear swaybar helps do this my allowing more rear wheel travel.
You will surely feel it missing more if you tow.
DuXterra said:
Yeah the quick disconnects sound like the way to go, do you know who is making them?
I don't see why you couldn't take some QD ends for a Jeep and make a set. But unlike a Jeep, they would be a real pain to take on and off (you would have to crawl under the truck). I would most likely disconnect them and leave them disconnected.:)
So you calculated this my only jacking up one side and only accounting for gravitational droop of the tire?

The true way to calculate the difference would be to back it up an RTI ramp.
1 - 4 of 49 Posts
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