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Rear sway bar

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Ok, as you can tell from this post Im still somewhat new to owning an SUV (I have previously owned a 93 Jeep Cherokee but never really did anything with it). I was just wondering what the deal with removing the rear sway bar is. I hear alot of people talking about it and Im curious to know how it helps and if there are any disadvantages to doing it. Any help would be great. I tried to do a search for it but couldnt find what I needed. Thanks in advance.
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someone once put it like this and I totally agree...

"if I came to your house and took it off while you were sleeping and you got in and drove it the next day you would never even know it was gone"

that being said, i took mine off and have never been able to tell a difference.
With the rear anti-sway removed how important would it be to throw on some limiting straps.
Not at all. Limit straps are only needed if you've got lots of travel and are doing things that allow the wheels to drop down(at full droop) at a high rate of speed (high stress), i.e. jumping, pro rock crawling.
The stock spring pack can't really create enough velocity to rip anything apart.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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