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Rear bumpers and home grown ideas....

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Shrock bumpers, or whatever else ya have. Tire rack, no tire rack. Why did you chose what you did and what other things have you been able to do with the rear bumper because of the choice ya made.

Im going to be ordering my bumper with the tire carrier because i dont want to be lying under the car and gettingmy tire out. And by the time i need it, the thing my be rusted out.
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You've got to let Jim know if you're gonna mount anything bigger than a 35" tire. He'll have to move stuff around to accommodate the larger tire. There's a $30 dollar charge for that. Meh, no biggie.

I really hope it comes by mid March. Oh! The agony.
I was thinking about mounting some wagon wheels like thaey had on coverd wagons in the old west. I think it would look pretty sweet.
I have the shrock rear bumper. Just the plain jane version... no tire rack or anything. It has helped alot for pulling people out of sticky situations and helped other people pull me out of those same situations. I didnt want to boot the extra money for the tire carrier, because at the time I was unemployed. But now I kind of wish I had (probably because i have a good job now).

My suggestion to everyone is that you should get the tire carrier version!
Our Jeep has a Warn rear bumper w/ a swing away tire carrier. Great place to mount a tire when off roading. If you have to change a tire and it's muddy, you will hate crawling under the truck to fetch your spare. Having it mounted on the bumper makes it easy to pull down the spare and put up the flat. But each time you need to lift your hatch, you will have to swing away the spare first (and possibly unlock it beforehand). Not that big a deal, but figure that you just made a beer run, gotta couple a cases, it's raining, you're trying to get back before half time is over, and you got to get that tire out of the way first. Not a trick you can pull off with your arms full. You get the idea. It's not handy when you want quick access to the hatch, but very handy when you want access to the spare. I asked Jim (Schrockworks) if the tire carrier could come off for daily driving and put on when you want it. He said it's pretty easy, but since the license tag and the trailer light hookup (I think) are both located on the tire carrier, some alternate mounting spots would have to be rigged. This is something I would be interested in, since I'm still waffling on the Shrock w/ or w/o the tire carrier. The Shrock bumper also has the benefit of increasing your departure angle (especially if you have a factory hitch on your truck).
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To cure the problem, You can pretty easily drill a hole in the bumper and mount the plate about same place as it is on tire rack using the same mount. You might have to mount it a hinge and get a Magnet to hold it to the bumper, so It will flip down out of the way to open the gate. Looks like a 5 min switch. I have the Tire rack, it's not that big a pain, a 3 year old kid can open it. And close it. With a tire on it and a Hi Lift. But, he can't open the gate! LOL They make a special magnetic holder for plates, you seen dealers running around with them.

My father has a Toy and when we were doing some wiring, I notice wheel is rotted beyond ever using it..... In same location as ours. So people take a listen, Pull your spare down and give it a light coat of grease or something! That sucker is salt rotted bigtime! (Ohio) MC
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Has anyone otten the grey powder coated rear bumper? I just wanted to see a photo of it on someones X.
mcampana said:
Has anyone otten the grey powder coated rear bumper? I just wanted to see a photo of it on someones X.
I have one on order. Should be here this month since I ordered it in Dec 06.
You ordered it in Feb......................Feb of last year?
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