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I am planning on getting a replacement rear bumper at some point in the future. However, I will need a tow hitch in probably about two months to move. Is there any definitive release time frame for the Shrock bumper. I've heard on the forums that the price for the bumper and the tire carrier will be about $750. My question is... what other costs are there besides the pieces themselves? I've heard about frame stiffeners... are they necessary and how much do they usually cost? I also have the Daystar lift, which in my opinion, is just barely high enough in the rear to appear level (I planning on getting the Calmini AAL sometime soon to bump it up a little), how much heavier is the steel bumper, enough that it will lower the rear end?

I would love to hold out for the Shrock rear bumper, however, just don't know if I can wait for it to come out, or if I'll have money to do the "extra" stuff that would/might be necessary. Also, is the installation something that a novice could do, or is it pretty complex?

Thanks. -Ben
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