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Grunzen said:
I've already fab'd my own tire carrier bumper and there shouldn't be anything extra you need to do to prep the vehicle for one. The frame rails are all boxed and tied together by crossbars or members in several places. Gen1 Xterra's were not so well endowed as the Gen2.Gen1's were born from 80's compact truck stock :hippy2: were as Gen2 is derived from Titan full size truck stock. :naka: Installation should be real simple the stocker onle has 3 bolts each side holding it on I moved up to 4 by using some holes forward on the rails that the tow hitch uses. The only thing you would need to add would be the tow package wire harness. It runs 50-60 dollars.

Did you build your rear bumper? If so, could you post more pictures of it.
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