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Rear Axle Swap-out

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Hi.. I have a 2010 4x4 model AT.. I need to know if is posible rear axle swap out for other.. 2013..
The part number now is 43003-EA009
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Hey! What axle are you trying to swap to? I had a C200 in mine but swapped to an M226 for the locker feature.
Hey! What axle are you trying to swap to? I had a C200 in mine but swapped to an M226 for the locker feature.
As I toll : My Xterra is 4x4... is a C200 AXLE ..
Check this...Can I used? why not or what Yes?
Because I see that is the same...please let know..
Well yeah that’s the same as you have now. But what are you trying to do? Are you wanting to install a locker? not...Just the axle completely...
The seller in ebay say that is just for 4x2...but I observe that my axle and this one are de same>>>
What is wrong with your current axle for you to want to change it out? I’m just trying to get an idea of your situation
Ok...I have a sound on the ball bearing... as you know there are several bearings ( on the final , on the differencial) ...I prefer reemplace I have all more or les new..
The mechanic tall me that maybe the differential or some ball bearing and bad around..
So here is my opinion. You can get a rebuild kit for ADO or Z1 and replace all the bearings and seals. Now if you’re looking to replace the rear end completely, I would suggest taking that opportunity to upgrade your rear axle to one that may have a locking feature so in the future if you ever decided to take it off-road or anything, you will not only have a beefed up axle but you can also wire up the locker and get your truck farther and see more of the unpaved roads 😎 very good your opinion
But...are you sure that I can swap the other one for the I and using?
I m speaking about this "13 NISSAN XTERRA REAR AXLE ASSEMBLY 4.0L 2.94 RATIO"...
Can you check on ebay or other one that I can use...foe swap...?please
You have a 4x4 so the gear ratio will be different than the 2.94 ratio in the 4x2. So unless you are going to put your gears in the new housing, I would not buy that axle assembly.
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ok..but tell please why nop I can swap one for the other completely?
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