This is everything you need to replace the rear axle seals that tend to fail on these Xterras.

I bought the set (two bearings, two seals, two retaining clips) a year ago from a Nissan dealership on Oahu and never got around to doing the job so I brought the parts back with me. Now I don't need the parts because it turns out there was a powertrain warranty I didn't remember existing and Nissan will fix the leaking seals for free here.

It's been too long to return the parts, plus I now live in CA so my loss is your gain. Paid $275 or so if I remember correctly. Open to offers! Willing to ship. Weighs maybe 25 lbs? From 94952.

These parts fit both the M226 and C200. The axle shaft itself is different between C200 and M226 differentials but the wheel bearings, axle seals, and retaining clips are not.