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Username: rcafcoburn

Make: Nissan
Year: 2014
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Super Black
: 110,000 (April 2020)

Titan M226 Project: This will be a significant investment for myself, and the X. I will try to keep track of progress and a build-list here. My parts list is as follows.

  • leaf spring perches
  • offset shock mounts
  • u-bolt flip kit
  • 6 bolt axle flange to mate to driveshaft
  • 2012 M226 w/ locker
  • braided steel rear brake lines
  • TMR D44 basic truss kit
  • front m205 CV axles
  • new hardware for front diff, leaf springs, etc
  • 2015 Titan M205 3.36
  • Katzkin Leather Seats
  • Stubby Rear Headrests
  • Rugged Ridge Floor Mats (front only)
  • Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel Wrap (Black / Charcoal)
  • Kilmat 50mil Sound Deadening with Noico 150mil foam in the trunk area (plan to do all doors and front floor)
  • Sony XAV AX5000 Head Unit
  • Rockford Fosgate Prime R165-S
  • Rockford Fosgate Prime R169X2
  • Borla ProXS
  • Doug Thorley B-Pipes
  • XTP Intake Manifold Spacer
  • NGK Ruthenium HX Spark Plugs
  • Bullydog 40417 (Premium Tune)
  • Front/Rear Swaybar Delete
  • Mevotech (SPC) Titan UCA
  • MOOG Titan LCA
  • Nisstec Titan-Swap CV Axles (Surtrak ones tore boots, but axles held up fine)
  • Rugged Rocks SS Brake Lines
  • Bilstein 5100 Tundra Shocks
  • MOOG 81092 Springs
  • Energy Suspension Bump Stops
  • Rugged Rocks 4-leaf AAL kit
  • 2.5 deg Shims
  • Upgraded OEM Nissan Camber Bolts
  • Expedition One Front Bumper with Grille Hoop
  • Hardcore Offroad Tire Carrier
  • 285/75/R16 Toyo Open Country AT2 on Steelies
  • SouthCo Locking Wetbox Handle
  • Bedlined Lower Doors/Rocker Panels
  • Airflow Snorkel
  • Rigid Industries 360 Series Driving Lights (wired to fogs)
  • Light Force Striker 170mm Halogen Driving Lights
  • Radflo 2.5" Titan Coilovers
  • M226 to go with my M205
  • Diff Breather Extension
  • Upgrade head Unit to Alpine Halo9 ILX-F309 (or similar)
  • Small form-factor powered subwoofer.
  • Roof Rack (front runner or custom)
  • AC Power Inverter
  • Blue Sea Fuse Block - for lighting upgrades in the future
  • Dual Batteries
  • Rock Sliders
Had a 2015 Pro4X... sold it because it was too expensive. Bought a 2015 F150... liked it but hated it (damn battleship and can't have any fun). Sold it to a dealer for what I paid for it (win) and got into a 2014 S.


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Nice where do you want to be posted after ?
I'd like to get posted out west to Comox, but that's pretty unlikely. 450 in Pet or Shearwater would be good

Says you (plan) the rear corners... are you getting IF or having them custom made elsewhere? if so, what kind of price is that shop giving you?
I was going to get the P&P ones, but I didn't have the funds during the group buy. I'll probably wait until they come up again.

and yeah, one of the last of the breed!

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