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Random "Slip" and "VDC OFF" Lights 'ON'

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Last night when I was coming home, the slip and vdc off lights were on the whole way, and I couldn't turn the vdc off off with the button. I stopped to get some beer and then only the vdc off light was on on the way home, which wouldn't go off. then finally I tried again in like 10 minutes and it went off. WTF????
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Well... I am the Latest victim of the VDC and SLIP lights fiasgo

I Start my X today after dinner and the service engine+SLIP+VDC Lights go off. WTF!!

I reseted the errors by turning the key to the on position 3 times and then Starting the X.. but now the Service Engine light won't turn off... so tomorrow is off to the delearship.. hope they don't hose me over too much for thisone
well this morning only the engine service light was on... nothing recorded on the history so they just reseted the light and now no more lights. No chanrge no problem
kokopop said:
Muzikman said:
Sounds like spending $100 on a code reader might not be a bad idea. :)
True, but i shouldn't need it. Maybe I will ride over to Autozone later.

Edit: I just crawled under my X and my passenger side bottom shock bolt was gone and the shock was just hanging there. Could be part of the issue. I just re-torqued that bolt two weeks ago because it was loose.

Hope the dealer carries that.
wow... that's scary.
So I guess all the problems that we all have been having with the lights have been related to the ABS unit?
The club just keeps on growing and growing :geek:
hopefully that is what would fix the random light problem
great man.. let us know
I had my lights come off just like you mentioned but only for a few minutes when i was in WV last weekend. it was really cold i would say about -8F. after warming up and then turning the engine off and then on again the lights went away. I didn't see them again for the rest of the weekend event thought the next day was colder
1 - 9 of 287 Posts
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