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Has anyone taken their radiator out yet? I thought I made a post about this some where but I couldn't find it.

I'm thinking about taking mine out and giving it a really good cleaning but didn't know the process or any tips anyone might have.

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Here ya go.

1. Remove engine cover with power tool.
2. Drain engine coolant from radiator.
 Perform this step when engine is cold.
 Do not spill engine coolant on drive belts.
3. Remove air duct and air cleaner case assembly.
4. Remove reservoir tank hose.
5. Removal radiator hoses (upper and lower) and reservoir tank hose.
Be careful not to allow engine coolant to contact drive belts.
6. Remove radiator cooling fan assembly.
7. Disconnect A/T fluid cooler hoses. (A/T models)
 Install blind plug to avoid leakage of A/T fluid.
8. Remove the upper mount bracket bolts.
9. Remove the two A/C condenser bolts.
10. Remove radiator as follows:
Do not damage or scratch A/C condenser and radiator core when removing.
a. With lifting and pulling radiator in a rear direction, disassemble
lower mount from radiator core support center.
Because A/C condenser is onto the front-lower portion of
radiator, moving to rear direction should be at minimum.
b. Lift A/C condenser up and remove radiator after disengaging the
fitting as front-bottom surface.
Lifting A/C condenser should be minimum to prevent a load
to A/C piping.
c. After removing radiator, put A/C condenser on radiator core support
center to prevent a load to A/C piping, and temporarily fix it
with rope or similar means.
Installation is in the reverse order of removal.
 Check for leaks of engine coolant.n
Start and warm up engine. Visually check there are no leaks of engine coolant and A/T fluid.
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