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I do not have any tune, so I am not speaking with the experience that you are after.

Advancing or retarding will only do so much. The ecu will adjust to make sure your not knocking or incorrectly sparking. Even when advancing 2*, it is still in the normal range for the ecu to modulate +- 10* or so (I am just guessing what the range is).
So you should not really have any issues, other than a slightly higher fuel consumption at base (something like .1% increase, again just guessing), base being idle.

Over at the eccomodder forum, they talk about advancing a lot.
There are guys running 4, 6, 8* of advance, for 50k, 100k miles. They get better power low end, better cruising fuel economy, and smoother cruising engine (not that the X is for fuel mileage, but an increase at cruising speed is always nice).

Anyways, I do not think advancing 2* will cause unwanted damage, unless you are knocking. Which the ecu will just retard what it can to prevent it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts