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Intro Comments: I will be updating as mods get in. My first item is to buy some air tools :)

Username: Quantum_C

Made: Nissan
Year: 2005
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Lightning Silver


Titan Swapped
Shrockworks Front Bumper
Shrockworks Radiator Skid Plate
4" Alacan Springs +400Lbs leaf pack
Rear Bilstens
Removed Front and Rear Xterra Swaybars
Stainless Steel extended front and rear brake lines

Needs to be completed:
New Drive Shaft
Rear Geared M225 rear diff to 3.69, so that I can drive in 4x4

Have parts to complete:
Gas tank skid
T-case skid
Transmission skid
Engine skid
Rear Diff skid
Rear Bumper

Would Like to do:
33 or 34 Wheel set
Cold Air intake
Light Rack
Second Battery
Painting Trim


Here is my truck.
Day 1

Liking the e-locker 1.0

Liking the e-locker 2.0

Titan-Swapped (mostly)

What can I drive over now?

Can I drive up a Subaru?

Close of Sway-Away With Remote Resivors
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