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Username: Psyc_X (AKA RekHavoc)

Make: Nissan
Year: 2011
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Night Armor

Comments: So I need to say a little bit about how this all started. I was searching for many months for an Xterra. I was constantly aggravating my friends at work since I was always viewing xterra’s for sale on my lunch break. After passing on a 2010 Pro4x 6 speed manual X that I really liked, (was afraid wife wouldn’t be able to drive it) I decided to trade in my new 2011 pearl white Hyundai Sonata SE for a brand new leftover 2011 Nissan Xterra S model that I purchased in June 2012 in South Jersey. I decided to pick up some sliders but didn’t want to wait 6 months for shrockwork sliders so I picked up some AJ sliders instead. I ended up not wanting to mount them so I listed them on the forum and craigslist. So along comes SE-Rooney who spotted my craigslist ad, and who I had never met before and he ends up buying them. He talked about how I should lift my truck and go wheeling. I asked him a bunch of questions on parts, etc. and I was a bit leery of doing anything since the X was new. I asked if he could take me wheeling one day so I know what it is like and what to expect. What a big mistake that was! I immediately came home and started ordering parts, etc. so I could lift the X and go wheeling again. Just from that 1 day, Rooney (Keith) and I have became good friends. So thank you Keith, for getting me involved in this expensive sport! :)


-Billet 2" front spacers
-Billet AAL's
-TJM Med Front Coilovers
-Bilstein 5125 rear shocks
-PRG U-bolt Flip Kit
-Energy Suspension Bump Stops
-3 degree Shims
-4x4parts Adjustable Shackles

-Hefty Radiator, Engine & Diff skid
-OEM Gas Skid
-Custom tranny skid (meatloaf)
-Ballistic Fabrication diff cover w/2 added skulls
-Shrockworks sliders
-Boulder Ironworx Shock Skids
-Bucksnort rear bumper

-Neiko recovery strap 2"x 20'.
-Boondox Rear Recovery Brackets with Hoagie D-Rings
-RockyMtnX Front Recovery Brackets
-48” Hi-Lift

-1.25" Wheel Adapters painted green
-4 17" Titan Wheels painted Anthracite Gray
-4 Fierce Mud Terrain 285/70/17 tires
-1 Spare 285/70/17 Nitto Dune Grappler mounted on Titan Wheel

-XTP Intake Manifold Spacer
-Kool-Vue CAI
-Magnaflow Muffler Installed
-Lokka Locker Installed

-Craven Speed stubby antenna
-Nissan OEM Hood Deflector
-Nissan OEM Window Rain Visors
-Fumoto Qwik valve oil drain plug
-Blacked out front Sabertooth and plastic grill and burger
-Sportiva 6000k 55 watt slim conversion HID headlight kit
-Roof mounted Firestik 2ft CB Antenna
-Stealth rear emblems
-40" straight led light bar w/offroad gorilla mounts
-Gobi Passenger Ladder
-Rear tail light guards
-Hood Rod Mod Kit

-Clarion NX602 Touch Screen with built in GPS, & iPhone/iPod hook up
-Driver and Passenger tinted windows
-Weathertech Rear Cargo Mat
-Nifty Front and Rear Mats
-CoverKing Neoprene Front Seat Covers
-LED dome lights ( )
-Midland CB mounted in center console
-Fuse panel

-Rear led spot lights in bumper
-Replace TJMs with Radflo’s
-Modify CAI to add Snorkel

-Possibly a 1-2" body lift
-Leaning towards Hefty Front Tube Bumper
-Replace Stock Headlights with Halo Headlights
-Add Snorkel


Ballistic Fabrication Diff Cover w/2 additional skulls added

Side view of X with Aftermarket wheels and All Terrains before I removed the setup and added 17" Titan wheels and Mud Terrain tires

Side view of X before titan wheels were painted

Anthracite Gray Titan Wheels w/green painted wheel spacer

Side view of X with Anthracite Gray painted Titan Wheels

Shows you how far the tires stick out with 1.25" Titan spacers

Another angle of X with Anthracite Gray painted Titan Wheels and stickers (before new bumper)

New look with RockyMtnX front recovery brackets

Bucksnort Rear Bumper


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Damn derick beat me to it .. i wanted the be the first to post in his build thread !

And carl im sorry that i got you hooked and in debt for years to come lol.

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The Duplicolor "Bumper Paint" started chipping off in patches after about 2-3 months of road driving, wasnt impressed. Ive had no issues with the Rustoleum yet

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i haven't wheeled it since the paint job. it is my daily driver and haven't noticed any marks in the front. i plan to wheel it at ECXC and can provide a status update after that.
Thanks. Yea i prayed plasti-dip on the front grille and emblem on my X and its not holding up very well. Let me know how yours does!

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That rustolium stuff works waaaaay better then plastidip . Plastidip never sticks good to chrome emblems and peels after a week or two . Rustolium highly recomended ! Truck is coming along nice carl .

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That rustolium stuff works waaaaay better then plastidip . Plastidip never sticks good to chrome emblems and peels after a week or two . Rustolium highly recomended ! Truck is coming along nice carl .
Maybe ill sand it down a little and throw some rusto paint on it then! thanks

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I didn't take any pics but last night, had a custom made tranny skid (thanks nucleus) bedlined, painted black and installed by SE-Rooney. Thanks guys! Now just need a gas skid and I will be fully armored underneath.
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