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Proposed Suspension Lift

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Hey guys. I'm trying to put together a shopping list of items that I'll need to lift my truck a bit. I'm not going to be doing any serious offroading at this time, as this is my daily driver. However, I'd like to lift it enough to give it a more aggressive look and stance.

So, after reading through some of the posts here, and listening to several opinions, I've put together the following list. Please let me know your thoughts on the following items.

Xterra Front Lift Coils

Daystar 2" SL (Do I still need to install the spacers if I install the AC coils?)

Timbren Front and Rear Kits

Will the front and rear be balanced out with this combination of parts?
Will I be able to fit a 295/75R16 or 305/70R16 with this lift? (obviously on aftermarket rims) I'd go with BFG AT's.
Can I still use the stock Bilsteins that came on the truck, or will I need to change those out?

And, of course, I'm looking to get the Shrockworks front bumper and sliders at some point, as well. So, the truck will really look BA. :)
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It cost me $200 to have my coils installed and the X aligned. roughly $130 for the coil install.

For me personally it was the easiest and safest wasy to install the coils. It was well worth it as it was all done in under 3 hours and I didn't have to curse once.

Just my 2 cents.
usmc xterra said:
MCampan's, $400, Top Gun Spacers, Mini Deavers in rear with OL spring. Gigantic.
Why ruin his tread with some else's truck? Start a new thread!

Mike, looks good!
usmc xterra said:
I'm pointing out there is more than one way to skin a cat, MCampana's way is a lot cheaper and easier, returns to stock for on the trail if needed, very reliable, inexpensive, lots of lift, (Amazing how much) no noise, factory style ride especially up front, Just making the point for other people considering a lift. They can scroll to compare pretty easy. You have a Moderator badge if my post of that picture is that bad, delete it.
If I was doing a lift today, I'd do it like that. If I was going to go Crazy Off Road 50% of the time I'd be going to PRG MC
This is Mike's thread with pictures of his lift. He made his choice of lift, which might not be what you would have chosen. It was a cheap way of plugging what MC feels is best as well as a back handed cut down of the lift Mike has chosen. IMO: It is a BS move!

As for the Mod deal. Your entitled to post what you want even if it is out of place.

BTW: if you feel that is a good lift option you can add it to the the following sticky.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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