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Project Grocerygetter (the Titan swap), DONE for Now!

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We got'er done!!! SEE Page 4 for build.

If you're newer to the site, or just don't know, this is about the Titan suspension swap... w/ lift spindles on 4x2 . The X and Titan suspension configurations are the same; only major diff is the Titan A-arms are 3" longer(that means 'more travel'). Doing the swap along with an aftermarket coilover is essentially a budget long travel suspension for the X... most here are somewhat familiar with desert racing and know that it's really easy to drop 7-8k on a decent long travel front set-up so we're pretty lucky that all the Titan stuff is interchangeable.

Titan XE 17x7.5" custom painted steel wheels: $200
Titan hubs w/ABS sensors: $200
Titan brake calipers: $100
TC uca's: $599
CST 4" spindles: $699
Titan LCA's: $200
Radflo Coilovers PRG: $700
Titan (Powerslot) rotors: $148
Stillen brake pads:~$50
custom fab outer tie-rods:$180
Cam bolts:$50

now for the rear:
AC 1.5" lift shackles:$60
AC Brake lines:$70
Alcan spring packs: $500
U-bolts: $25 calmini,
Bilstein 7100 resi'd shocks: $360
6x4.5" to 6x5.5" 1" wheel adapters: $80
Total Chaos shock mounts: $100
Tubing: $50

Misc. hardware from nissan, like caliper bolts, a couple hub bolts and grade 8 nuts/bolts...

sorry the text came out like crap in the pics

AC shackles are already installed so not included in pic

UPDATE FEB 01, 2007
Got the rear shocks, brake lines and u-bolts in a few days ago so that's it for the rear.

Got the tie-rods and tubing/mounts for rear shocks ready to go... it's been a long process but tires should be here in a few weeks and the install starts.

Tires: (4)Maxxis Bighorn 305/70 r17 (34")
$668 shipped to my door... oh yeah and a 33x12.5/17 pro-compAT ($120) for the spare
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I'll be updating as things progress... it should wrap up in the next couple months!
Thats awesome... I wouldnt mind seein that in person when its done. How far are you from Bay St Louis? lol
We'll probably be doing it at my buddies in Slidell
how much more travel are you gaining from the swap?
i'm measuring stock travel tomorrow so i'll be able to give an approximate difference as i'm hoping/estimating about 11" with this set-up.
Wow in slidell... if yall need a hand or wouldnt mind a spectator let me know. I'd love to go hang out and help out if yall needed it.
That will be sweet! I am actually thinking about picking up an old S10 and doing a prerunner setup on it.
That looks like a nice setup, cant wait to see it all come together.
Any updates? This swap is very interesting to me...
If it just over the tires, I know someone that has a set that is wore out they will swap you on the sly. MC
got the rear shocks on the way in the next week. Will post with an update then.
MC, if it's what i'm thinkin' the wheels are 17"... i already have the new ones picked out though.
Are you going to change you rear shock mounts?
as it stands now i'll be keeping them in stock configuration.
Got the rear shocks, brake lines and u-bolts in last week so that's everything for the rear end!
Bilstein 7100 12" travel short body w/ext resevoir... 16" comp./28"ext.
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Hey I just realized that your profile says "Nissan did a great job; no need to mod"

Looks like you are a BIG FAT LIAR!!!!

:cheers: :cheers: J/K I cant wait to see the final results.
is the install done? would like to see those pics...
The heims, tubing, etc for the steering are in transit. If I don't have any trouble finding the metric tap for the threads they should be done in a week or so. Then it'll just be a few more weeks until i have tires. Once the tires are here it should only take a day to do the swap.
There will be plenty of pics.
Make sure to let me know what all was neccessary to adapt the steering to the Titan arms once you are done. Thanks!
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