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Been using this bag for a little while now and figured I'd share my experience with it. I very well may have and use this bag forever.

First some background info on the product. It's manufactured by ARB and comes in a small and a large size. They can be purchased directly from ARB or from Sierra Expeditions, Amazon, and more.

Small - 3200 cubic inches of storage space.
Large - 6900 cubic inches of storage space.

This review will be of the small sized bag, as it provides more than enough space for me for what I need it for. The large bag is probably big enough to actually get inside and lay down inside.

I keep the bag in my truck almost all the time and it houses almost my entire campsite. It's extremely durable and well built, as most ARB products are. I'll post some pics and share the contents while highlighting some more details along the way.

Here's the bag fully loaded and strapped closed. The bag folds over then straps down on each side and over the top. 4 straps/buckles total.

Here's the bag opened and a glimpse of the gear inside.

There's 2 interior containment nets and 2 exterior containment nets.

All the gear that's usually inside the bag laid out. You may not even believe me.

Gear List:
(1) MSR Alpine Fry Pan
(1) MSR Alpine Dish Brush/Scraper
(1) Sea To Summit 10-Liter Kitchen Sink
(1) Seattle Sports Camp Bucket
(1) Helinox Camp Table
(3) Helinox Camp Chairs
(1) Coleman CPX LED Lantern
(4) Spare Duracell D Batteries
(4) 16 Oz Bernzomatic Propane Canisters
(1) GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set (24 Piece)
(1) GSI Outdoors Infinity 4 Person Deluxe Table Set
(4) GSI Outdoors Stacking Cutlery Sets
(1) 4 Oz Dr. Bronners Unscented Mild Castile Soap
(1) Medium Microfiber Pack Towel
(2) Jacob Brownell 28 Oz Stainless Steel Mugs
(1) UDAP 7.9 Oz Bear Spray

One last shot of the bag opened up.

I have a considerable amount of weight in the bag and it hasn't stretched or wore in the slightest bit. It's nice to have most of the things I need in one place on my camping and wheeling trips. I would recommend it to anyone. You can argue that it's pricey at just under $100 but it will likely be the last $100 you'll spend on a cargo bag

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Nice ... and that $100 price tag is actually a fair bit lower than I was expecting. That level of quality (as you've presented it), *especially* from a name like ARB, doesn't come cheap. Thanks for the review.

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Of course. They'd truly make great storm bags to throw up on the roof if you had/wanted to. The large sized bag fits perfectly in the Dephep lengthwise, and takes up about half the width.

Figured I'd post another picture of the small bag in the cargo area with some other gear for size reference

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