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Hi everybody! I want to put this wheels on my night armor 2005 xterra.

Pro Comp Series 7289 - 17 inch Wheels from:

I'm kind of confuse with offset and bolt pattern. Below is the list according to the website. Can somebody please tell which ones will fit my X? Thanks.

PCW-72897835* 17x8 5x135mm 0mm
PCW-72897836* 17x8 6x135mm 0mm
PCW-72897838* 17x8 6x5.5 0mm
PCW-72897865 17x8 5x4.5 0mm
PCW-72897868 17x8 6x4.5 -13mm
PCW-72897870 17x8 8x170mm 0mm
PCW-72897873 17x8 5x5 0mm
PCW-72897882 17x8 8x6.5 0mm
PCW-72897883 17x8 6x5.5 0mm
PCW-72897885 17x8 5x5.5 0mm
PCW-72897935* 17x9 5x135mm -6mm
PCW-72897936* 17x9 6x135mm -6mm
PCW-72897938* 17x9 6x5.5 -6mm
PCW-72897965 17x9 5x4.5 -6mm
PCW-72897970 17x9 8x170mm -6mm
PCW-72897973 17x9 5x5 -6mm
PCW-72897982 17x9 8x6.5 -6mm
PCW-72897983 17x9 6x5.5 -6mm
PCW-72897985 17x9 5x5.5 -6mm

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The Xterra runs a 6x4.5 (or 114.3mm) bolt pattern. Out of the list you have there, it only leaves the

PCW-72897868 17x8 6x4.5 -13mm

I am running 18x8's with a +30mm offset so it allows my wheels to be inside my fenders. Depending on the size of tire you run and the amount of lift that you have, your wheel is going to stick out a little from the fender and you may have clearance issues when turning.

The pain with the Xterra is that the calipers are pretty large and sometimes makes a problem for fitting wheels. If you do end up with the 17" wheel, it will definately lessen this chance of contact.
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